4 Steps to Revive a Stagnant YouTube Channel

Whether you've taken a long break or struggled to get views, you can always revive your YouTube channel. Here are 4 simple steps!

"Why am I not getting views?" is a common question among YouTube creators. If you wonder the same thing, we understand your frustration in trying to grow a channel that just won't budge. The road gets rocky, and seeing your views go completely stagnant is no fun.

However, you can still breathe new life into existing videos. There are ways to revive a YouTube channel, and each one brings enormous benefits, including:

1. Analyze Your Channel's Performance

The first step to reviving your channel is understanding why your content doesn't get views. And there could be so many reasons, from targeting the wrong audience to neglecting keyword research to chasing subpar ideas.

In most cases, a YouTube channel audit will sort things out. This is a lengthy process where you analyze thumbnails, video titles, visual storytelling, and countless other assets surrounding your content. From there, you can determine what's working and what isn't.

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On the flip side, we wouldn't be good educators without giving you a little head's up: YouTube audits are time-consuming! That's why we created AI Coach, a friendly co-pilot that does the auditing for you.

Ask AI Coach for YouTube Advice

AI Coach uses your channel's data to suggest a range of YouTube strategies for massive growth. It does this by first analyzing your popular content. Within seconds, you'll receive a list of ideas and clean-up strategies to improve your channel.

Ask AI Coach a simple question about your channel, such as:

"Why isn't my channel growing faster?"

When we asked this question, we got a 5-point plan to improve the vidIQ channel:

1. Cater to an overlooked demographic: the 25-34 age group.

2. Make more videos that mirror your best: "Small Channels: DO THIS to DOUBLE YOUR Subscribers in 5 Minutes!"

3. Try these new video ideas:

  • 10 Essential Tips for Small YouTubers to Boost Their Channel
  • How to Create Eye-Catching Thumbnails That Drive Clicks
  • The Ultimate Guide to YouTube SEO for Small Channels

4. Focus on viewer engagement.

5. Make shorter videos.

Do you want the AI Coach to analyze your channel? Click here to sign up for free and get the answers you need!

2. Update Your Video Titles and Thumbnails

If you're a regular here, you know first impressions are everything on YouTube. Managing this side of creator life isn't difficult, though; just update your titles and thumbnails so viewers can think good thoughts about your content.

For example, tweaking a thumbnail even slightly changes viewers' perception of a video. In fact, MrBeast uses this trick to breathe new life into older videos, helping them get more views in the future.

Also, remember to rewrite your video titles now and then. That's a power move when it comes to re-engaging viewers and winning more clicks after years of stagnation. It never hurts to test new titles on an older video, especially one that's flatlining!

3. Tidy Up Your Channel's Homepage

While we're on the subject of "first impressions," here's another way to bring your channel back to life: Update the homepage!

Try to focus on high-value areas, like featured sections that not only explain your channel's purpose, but also drive visitors to your best content.

The featured section on YouTube is basically a holding place for popular playlists — and for good reason! Clicking on a playlist can start a binge session, and you need that extra watch time to send positive signals to the YouTube algorithm. That way, YouTube will know your channel is active again or at least catching viewers' attention, prompting the algorithm to recommend your videos.

Want a quick tip? Make playlists that align with your viewers' interests. As YouTube educators, we focus on channel growth when building a featured playlist:

  • Featured playlist 1: How to get 1,000 subscribers
  • Featured playlist 2: Recent videos
  • Featured playlist 3: Shorts
  • Featured playlist 4: YouTube monetization and the Partner Program
  • Featured playlist 5: Learn how to grow your YouTube channel

4. Consider a Channel Rebrand

If none of these steps work for you, it's time to consider rebranding your channel.

Maybe your niche is so narrow that viewers just aren't interested in the topic. Or maybe your niche is so broad that you're getting crushed by competition from thousands of creators.

Either way, you can fix it with a channel rebrand. Changing the name of your YouTube channel or it's handle might be the best option for you!

And in the meantime, learn how to think up viral ideas that will get you more views.