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From generating content ideas to auditing your channel, vidIQ is your personal production team.

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With 1.4M+ YouTube subscribers, and 3M+ users -- we’ve heard your questions. Get instant responses to the most common YouTube questions, customized to your channel.

Frequently Asked Questions

What specifically is the vidIQ AI Coach?

AI Coach is a powerful tool designed specifically for YouTube creators like you. By providing personalized advice, channel audits, and content creation support, AI Coach connects with your channel data to offer insights and analysis that help you accelerate your channel’s growth.

Is AI Coach free to use?

AI Coach offers basic features like title creation, idea generation, and script assistance for free. For a limited time, you will also be able to receive personalized advice, channel audits, data-driven insights, and the latest GPT capabilities, for free.

How many videos should I have on my channel to get the most out of AI Coach?

To receive the most accurate and tailored advice, your channel should have at least two videos within the last 60 days.

How quickly can AI Coach access and process my YouTube data?

AI Coach can process all of your view count and video data in just a few seconds. However, AI Coach can only see your data up to 3 days ago, so it might take some time before AI Coach can analyze your newest videos. For best results, it is recommended to have at least 2 videos uploaded on your channel.

What kind of metrics and insights can AI Coach offer me?

AI Coach provides insights into crucial metrics like average view percentage, likes, subscribers gained/lost, estimated minutes watched, dislikes, and views. It assists in refining your content strategy by analyzing the performance of your top, worst, and most recent videos, offering valuable recommendations for your channel.

Can AI Coach compare my channel’s performance with other channels?

AI Coach is designed to focus on your channel’s metrics and deliver personalized advice, rather than directly comparing it to other channels.

How can AI Coach help me create better YouTube content?

AI Coach supports you in crafting captivating titles, innovative video ideas, engaging scripts, and other YouTube essentials. By using the prompt library to start conversations, you’ll receive personalized advice tailored specifically to your channel’s data. Boost plan subscribers benefit from the added power of GPT-4 for advanced content creation assistance.
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