Tips For How To Get More YouTube Views

Ask any creator who is active on the platform and they will quickly confirm that increasing real, organic YouTube views and growing a dedicated subscriber base takes time, skill, and dedication. However, with the right audience development strategy, tools, and mindset, any video creator can build an engaged fan base when they understand what YouTube viewers want to watch, and what they will keep returning to YouTube to watch more of.

Making content you are passionate about is just the first step. You need to know how to reach the right audience and get your videos discovered. Remember - viewers love YouTube and will spend HOURS watching the videos they really care about. Understand what your audience wants and double-down on those videos so viewers will flock to your channel.

Even though there are over 50 million channels on YouTube, there are still incredible opportunities for every single creator to build a dedicated audience, generate a huge number of views and subscribers, and reach out to over 1.9 Billion users who visit YouTube every day. But to build an authentic strategy around subscriber and view growth it's important to remember that:

  • YouTube wants the viewer to stay on the platform as long as possible
  • If your content keeps viewers around (on your own channel or elsewhere on the site) YouTube may start to promote your content in search results or 'Suggested Videos'
  • More exposure on YouTube should lead to more views and a higher subscriber growth rate
  • You can increase your chance of YouTube suggesting your content by increasing your Watch Time and Click-Through Rates
  • All the above takes knowledge, patience, and dedication

We're going to guide you through the top strategies needed to get more views on YouTube, including:

  1. How To Get More Views On YouTube With Longer Content
  2. How To Get More Views On YouTube With Better Thumbnails
  3. How To Get More Views On YouTube With 50% View Duration
  4. How To Get More Views On YouTube With Better Storytelling
  5. How To Get More Views On YouTube by Writing Better Descriptions
  6. How To Get More Views On YouTube by Responding to Every Comment
  7. How To Get More Views On YouTube by Using the Community Tab

We're also including links to vidIQ video content that will explain the views you can increase your YouTube views - like this one!

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#1 How To Get More Views On YouTube With Longer Content

Since 2012, YouTube has prioritized Watch Time as its main performance metric.

If YouTube creators can keep their subscribers and viewers watching for longer, then their Audience Retention and Watch Time numbers will increase. YouTube channels need at least 4000 hours Watch Time in order to monetize video content, but once that has been achieved the focus should be on increasing those Watch Time and audience retention numbers even further.

While this doesn’t mean you should be uploading longer videos, it does mean that you can extend the length of the video content that’s really working for you. If your audience watches and engages with your content, then aim for 10+ minute content. Great content that entertains or informs your audience equals a great way to get more views on YouTube!

1. Know Your Target Audience

First thing’s first: Who are you talking to on YouTube? Is your content for teens obsessed with the latest video games or adults on the hunt for the perfect lasagna recipe? Knowing your target audience is like having the key to the doors of the algorithm.

Views are great, but an engaged audience is the lifeblood of your channel. After all, you need a healthy number of YouTube subscribers to turn viewers into a real community. So, create your ideal audience persona and prepare accordingly!

#3 How To Get More Views On YouTube With 50% View Duration

YouTube wants you to get as much Watch Time for every single video that you upload, as it considers this metric even more important than views.

Why? Because while a click from a viewer is important, it doesn’t tell you how long somebody is on YouTube for. However, the more Watch Time YouTube has from its audience, the more ads they can sell to that audience - making more money for YouTube, and also for the video creator. So, the more Watch Time you can create from your videos, the more YouTube is going to reward you, and share your content with more viewers!.

Audience retention is all about keeping that viewer interested throughout your video. And you want to try and get that audience retention to as close to 100% as possible, although a good benchmark is somewhere around about 50%.

#4 How To Get More Views On YouTube With Better Storytelling

The ability to tell a great story is a skill that all the most successful YouTubers have mastered.

They understand that the best way to keep viewers coming back to your YouTube channel is to keep giving them the content they want. Even if you are truly passionate about a subject, it pays huge dividends to create a compelling story around the focus of your video to keep viewers interested, and entertained.

Every video you publish should have a strong hook (something you convey through the title and custom thumbnail), and a clear beginning, middle, and end. It should be your goal to create a sense of intrigue and give every viewer a reason to keep watching.

Make sure you tune into our TubeTalk podcast and learn why storytelling is the most important skill a YouTuber can have:

#5 How To Get More Views On YouTube by Writing Better Descriptions

A great description will give the world (and YouTube) more context about your content. The description box is also a fantastic micro-site that you can use to optimize your video, as well as give your viewers more information about you, and your channel. We’ve taken a deep dive into 7 Essential Tips, Tricks, and Hacks for YouTube Descriptions which you should read to get all the best advice, but here’s a run-down of how you can write better YouTube descriptions:

1. Use the Right Keywords to be Found in Search

YouTube scrapes descriptions for keywords, and it may help your video appear in Search. The higher those keywords are in the description, the more likely they are to be found by YouTube.

2. Add a Subscribe Link

The next thing you want to do is to include a subscribe link to your channel somewhere near the top of the description.

3. Go Into Detail About Your Video

This is where you want to be using as many keywords as possible so that YouTube can identify your content with as many associated terms as possible, which helps you in Search.

4. Add Time Stamps

The next thing you can do which can be really helpful to viewers, especially on longer videos, is to use timestamps.

5. Add Affiliate Links (if Appropriate)

Next, there's nothing wrong with earning a little bit of extra cash from your YouTube videos, from non-YouTube tools, and that includes affiliate links in your video description.

6. Optimize Your Default Uploads

You'll find this under Settings in the new Creator Studio, and there is a section called Upload defaults.

7. Add YouTube Hashtags

If you want to include hashtags in your video above your title, you need to add those hashtags to your video description.

#6 How To Get More Views On YouTube by Responding to Every Comment

Even though you may have spent days filming and editing your video, the work isn’t over just because you’ve uploaded it to YouTube. Part of the excitement of publishing video content is the audience reaction, and if viewers have taken the time to watch your video and then comment on it, you should respect their time and energy by replying to every single one (or at least as many as you can).

If you are getting a lot of comments, block off an hour a day in your calendar to respond to, and engage with those commenters. You could even pin the best comments to your videos, or pin your own comments to continue the conversation in the comments section!

If replying to every comment feels overwhelming, remind yourself that the comments section is where connections begin, which could evolve into collaborations, brand deals, friendships, and more.

6. Study the Viral Video Formula

Viral videos evoke strong emotions which compel viewers to share them with their own networks. They have the potential to reach a massive audience within hours or even minutes after being posted! And contrary to popular belief, it’s a skill that can be learned.

There are several strategies to look at if you want to go viral, such as:

Creating Compelling, Shareable Videos

Make sure your material is engaging, shareable, and elicits powerful feelings like amazement or laughter. Aim to tell a gripping story that moves the audience; add plot twists for even more engagement. Keep it brief to hold viewers' interest, and be sure to follow trending topics!

Leveraging Social Media

Sharing your videos to the right platforms can increase visibility and attract engaging audiences who may not have come across your content.

Optimizing Video SEO

Optimizing your videos for search engines can increase their visibility and improve their chances of going viral. Remember to use relevant keywords, write detailed descriptions, use engaging thumbnails, and add captions to your videos!

But, the fundamental idea is simple. Authenticity is the soul of what makes a video viral; it's what makes people relate to your content and share it with others. So, be yourself and let your unique personality shine through.

And remember, one of the best ways to go viral is with an insanely popular YouTube Short. So, try experimenting with brief, punchy videos!

7. Use End Screens and Playlists

This is something not everyone considers, but both end screens and well-designed playlists have a positive effect on your channel.

YouTube wants its viewers to stick around, and end screens encourage them to do that. Instead of just pushing viewers to any other video, guide them to content that complements what they've just watched. In fact, the more specific your video, the higher the likelihood of your audience going on a binge session.

Speaking of bingeing content, a good playlist will captivate viewers for hours upon hours. Figure out which topics they care about the most, then create YouTube playlists that hold 10 or more videos. It's one of the easiest ways to increase your views!

8. Capitalize on YouTube Trends

In the YouTube ecosystem, trends act like rocket fuel for the algorithm. Catching a trend early can skyrocket your video's visibility, connect you with new audiences, and offer you insights into what makes your viewers click that "subscribe" button. In short, it's your fast track to YouTube stardom.

But, creators can easily go wrong in following trends if they don’t put their audience first. Make sure you can incorporate the trends in your videos without ruining the essence of your channel. Identifying a trend is one thing, but capitalizing on it is a whole different ball game. You've got to bring something unique to the table. Whether it's a fresh perspective, a comedic twist, or an in-depth analysis, make sure your video adds value to the ongoing conversation

As a YouTuber, staying ahead of the curve isn't just a nice-to-have; it's your lifeline! While some trends can be accidental, others are seasonal and happen every year — for example, popular holidays and festivals. So, planning accordingly is a good practice.

9. Collaborate with Like-Minded Creators

Two (or more) heads are always better than one, especially when it comes to reaching new audiences. That’s why collaborations are a great way to expand your reach. They are refreshing for your own audience as well because they get to see new content from you.

Working together with another YouTuber to produce original material has a lot of advantages. Along with increasing interactions, views, and subscribers, you'll also produce more engaging material. So, slide into the DMs of potential collab partners you’ve always wanted to team up with.

10. Use Captions and Subtitles

When you get a chance to provide more information on your videos while enhancing the viewing experience at the same time, you should take it! Adding accurate captions to your videos is one of the simplest ways to increase traffic and interaction on your channel. They also improve viewing duration and the likelihood that people will watch your videos all the way through.

By incorporating them, you’ll be able to open your videos up to a larger audience, especially those who have hearing impairments. With the help of subtitles, you can translate your content into various languages and attract more viewers. So, if you haven’t already, don’t forget to add captions and subtitles to your videos.

11. Analyze Important Analytics

The YouTube Studio has analytics for everything you need, and views are no exception to that. Two important things to look for are Audience Retention and Average View Duration. These metrics show you how long your viewers are staying on a video to watch what you've posted. They fall under the umbrella of YouTube watch time, which is the cumulative duration that individuals spend watching a video.

Returning vs New viewers shows you which videos appeal to specific types of viewers, which can help you make informed decisions on how to attract different audiences. You can also see when your audience is most active on YouTube which helps you choose the best time to make a new upload!

12) Promote Your YouTube Channel on the Community Tab

This is perhaps one of the most underused features on your YouTube channel. Not only does it keep your viewers engaged, but the community tab also comes with quizzes, image polls, videos, and other creative ways to start a conversation with your audience. It's the perfect tool for small channels on the rise.

For years, the community tab has helped creators stay in touch with their audience, especially when only publishing one or two videos each week. So, if you haven’t already, start using the community tab! Challenge yourself to post something every day for the next three to six months — polls, animated GIFs, or anything that brings you closer to your audience.

You Can Do This!

Boosting your YouTube views isn't a sprint; it's more like a marathon with hurdles, pit stops, and occasional rain showers. So keep creating, keep leveling up, and most importantly, keep that self-belief burning bright. And for everything else, you’ll have vidIQ supporting you every step of the way!

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