How To Get More Views On YouTube

How do you get more views and subscribers on YouTube in 2019? Even though there are over 50M channels on the platform, there are still incredible opportunities for every creator to build a dedicated audience, generate a huge number of views and subscribers, and reach out to over 1.9B users who visit YouTube every day.

Get More Views On YouTube

How To Get More Views On YouTube With Longer Content

Since 2012, YouTube has prioritized Watch Time as its main performance metric. If YouTube creators can keep their subscribers and viewers watching for longer, then their Audience Retention and Watch Time numbers will increase. YouTube channels need at least 4000 hours Watch Time in order to monetize video content, but once that has been achieved the focus should be on increasing those Watch Time and audience retention numbers even further.

While this doesn’t mean you should be uploading longer videos, it does mean that you can extend the length of the video content that’s really working for you. If your audiences watches and engages with your content, then aim for 10+ minute content. Great content that entertains or informs your audience equals a great way to get more views on YouTube!

How To Get More Views On YouTube With Better Thumbnails

Enabling custom thumbnails is one of the best and easiest things you can do for your channel to get more views on YouTube. Creating and then uploading unique and compelling custom thumbnails to all of the videos you publish can positively impact your click through rate, and when it comes to CTR and YouTube Watch Time, the more you improve these numbers, the more YouTube will reward your content.

Click Through Rate (the number of thumbnail impressions divided by the number of times someone clicked on that thumbnail to view your video) is one of the newest and most powerful analytics on YouTube. All creators should measure and benchmark their CTR and aim to improve on it each time with a powerful custom thumbnail that encourages the viewer to click through and watch.

How To Get More Views On YouTube With 50% View Duration

YouTube wants you to get as much Watch Time for every single video that you upload, as it considers this metric even more important than views. Why? Because while a click from a viewer is important, it doesn’t tell you how long somebody is on YouTube for. However, the more Watch Time YouTube has from its audience, the more ads they can sell to that audience - making more money for YouTube, and also for the video creator. So, the more Watch Time you can create from your videos, the more YouTube is going to reward you, and share your content with more viewers!.

Audience retention is all about keeping that viewer interested throughout your video. And you want to try and get that audience retention to as close to 100% as possible, although a good benchmark is somewhere around about 50%.

How To Get More Views On YouTube With Better Storytelling

The way to keep viewers coming back to your YouTube channel is to keep giving them the content they want. Even if you are truly passionate about a subject, it pays huge dividends to create a compelling story around the focus of your video to keep viewers interested, and entertained.

Every video you publish should have a strong hook (something you convey through the title and custom thumbnail), and a clear beginning, middle, and end. It should be your goal to create a seense of intrigue, and give every viewer a reason to keep watching.