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Maximize Organic Reach

58% of viewers arrive at YouTube videos because of Search and Related Videos. In other words, to be successful on YouTube SEO must be part of your marketing strategy. Take the guesswork out of choosing your Tags with vidIQ's SEO tool, which finds the best keywords for your content based off of Big Data analysis and YouTube search trends.

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Engage with Influencers

Brands that engage with their YouTube audience see a 4X increase in views and 7x more sharing and interaction. Provide personalized attention at scale with our advanced comment moderation tool, identify and reach your channel's biggest fans on YouTube and Twitter, and turn the monologue into a conversation to drive growth.

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Track Social Conversations

vidIQ's analytics dashboard provides an at-a-glance understanding of your channel's performance across YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter. Use our listening tools to perform sentiment analysis and measure brand affinity, track brand mentions and engagement metrics across YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter, and supercharge your social media reporting with unparalleled insights into your audience's viewing habits and demographics.

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Create Relevant Content

Don't leave the success of your creative efforts up to chance. vidIQ identifies keywords that millions of potential viewers are searching for – yet no content exists. We enable you to make intelligent creative decisions based on opportunity rather than fortuity.

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Inspire Collaboration

Manage multiple YouTube channels, invite your team members, define role-specific permissions, and simplify your team's workflow with tools that promote collaboration. vidIQ's suite scales with your organization, bringing your team closer to your growth goals.

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