YouTube Marketing Tools for MCNs

Empower your creators with tools they'll love you for.

Put power-tools in the hands of your creators to drive real, sustainable growth; help them connect with their fans in previously impossible ways, gain insights into your network of channels, and manage your members in one convenient location.

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vidIQ enterprise marketing solutions multi-channel networks.

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As an MCN, you're like us. Supporting creators is at the core of what we do. With vidIQ you'll have access to a full suite of YouTube marketing tools covering everything creators need to succeed, including AI-driven content recommendations, enterprise-level SEO tools, thumbnail design and preview testing, competitive analysis, bulk productivity tools, advanced analytics, and so much more. Check out how vidIQ can help your creators and your business below.

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Manage Your Network

One dashboard to rule them all. Our heads-up dashboard for MCN admins shows your network's performance at the aggregate and channel level: subs, views, engagements, last publish date, and lots more.

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vidIQ’s MCN analytical dashboard.
Onboard new YouTube creators and set strategy with vidIQ’s Channel Audit tool.

Check the Health of Your Channels

Onboard new creators effectively and set successful growth strategies with Channel Audit. See channel performance over time, card and endscreen click rates, as well as which videos are crushing it and which could use a little tweaking.

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Improve Creator Retention

They want it, we've got it. Productivity features, AI-powered content ideas, and advanced analytics are just some of the things we have to keep your creators happy and help them achieve meaningful success. Grow their business and they'll grow yours.

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Best-in-class marketing tools will help your MCN retain your creator partners.
Keep your internal accounts and creator YouTube channels safe from unauthorized access.

Robust Security and Permissions

Admin doesn't have to be complicated. Easily safeguard your network with user-level permissions and channel access management. Empower your channel managers with unlimited access to all of vidIQ’s tools.

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YouTube Marketing Tools for MCNs

Work with vidIQ and let's elevate your creators and your business to new heights with best-in-class YouTube promotional tools. Chat with us today to learn more about our solutions.

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