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Keep an Eye on Competitors

The vidIQ Competitors Tool confirms your YouTube competitors and helps you discover what content is working for them and why. A competitor is someone publishing content to YouTube in the same topic space as you, so having that kind of data handy is incredibly useful in understanding what might work for you, or what you can improve.

By understanding what’s winning you can make better content decisions yourself by understanding content by competitors by:

  • Highest viewed
  • Views by Hours (i.e. is it still popular?)
  • Subscriber growth driven by premium content

Add Competitor Channels

To see how your competitors are doing based on their Views Per Hour, open up the vidIQ button on your browser, then click on ‘Competition.’ The new tab will compare your Channel with any other Channel on YouTube! To add a competitor just copy and paste their channel ID to the “Add” box.

Sort By Date, Views Per Hours & More

You can sort your YouTube competitors by time frames, views per hour, views, and date uploaded! You can slice and dice the data to get a massive amount of information to feed into your own content strategy.

Export Top Keywords

Want to see which top keywords are being used by your competitors simply click the “Top Keywords” button and a popup will allow you to view or download. Win!

Web Access

You can see your competitors information and top videos everywhere including the chrome extension and the web app.