Is it Too Late to Create a Minecraft Channel on YouTube? [Spoiler: No]

Is it a good idea to create a new YouTube channel around a game that's over 11 years old? If the game happens to be Minecraft, our answer is always going to be YES.

Minecraft hit the Internet on May 17, 2009, so after more than 11 years, you’d think there’d be less demand for the game. But this gaming franchise isn’t going anywhere soon.

It’s still relevant and picking up steam as gamers discover (and rediscover) it’s awesomeness.

In fact, 126 million active players are building 3D worlds in Minecraft’s limitless universe right now.

But given its age and army of mega influencers, should new YouTubers start a Minecraft channel these days? And most importantly, is it even possible to get discovered?

Why It’s Never Too Late to Start a Minecraft YouTube Channel

To all the Minecraft fans out there, we’ve got wonderful news. No matter how many creators are flooding YouTube with Minecraft videos, yours can still get tons of views.

That’s because it’s never too late to cash in on a game with frequent updates and a passionate community.

Those are just two reasons to share your love of Minecraft on YouTube, but you’ll find a few more reasons in our latest video tutorial, “How to Start a Minecraft YouTube Channel.”

However, among all the reasons to start a Minecraft channel, these three might be the strongest:

  • The mod community is active and thriving. As long as Minecraft players are allowed to manipulate the game’s files (and reinvent how it operates), there will be new adventures and new content to upload.
  • Minecraft developer Mojang releases updates year after year. These add tons of content to the game, and of course, more to discuss and showcase via YouTube.
  • Minecraft is still expanding as a brand. There’s merchandise now, and even spin-off games like Minecraft Dungeons.

With all those benefits, the content possibilities around Minecraft are endless. Your content could include things like Minecraft news, game updates, new mods, how-to-build tutorials, and showcases of popular Minecraft mods, maps, or texture packs.

If you want, you can follow the community and explore trending challenges, such as Minecraft bed wars. And of course, there's always the classic let's play, where you and your audience have fun exploring Minecraft.

What Minecraft Videos Should You Make to Stand Out?

In some form, most Minecraft video ideas have been covered by creators. If you want to stand out, try to create high-value content people are always searching for.

The best way to do this is by answering questions any Minecraft gamer would ask. Spend some time creating tutorials and reviews about popular assets, such as maps, mods, and texture packs.

Believe it or not, people are still discovering Minecraft for the first time, and these newcomers will be searching for answers to specific questions. As a Minecraft veteran, you could help them survive their first night in the game, use the best texture pack, or find the best mods.

When you create this kind of content, it's smart to title your videos the same way people will search for them on YouTube. For example, if we were using the content ideas above, we’d go with these titles:

  • How to survive your first night in Minecraft
  • The best Minecraft texture packs
  • The best Minecraft mods

Also, thanks to Minecraft updates, you can create newer, updated videos about these topics in the future. New texture packs and mods are always being released, and as those change, so will your ‘best of’ lists.

If you’re worried about standing out as a Minecraft YouTuber, don’t sweat the competition. There are countless ways to break through the noise and snag an audience of your own.

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