Fortnite Has 250M Users Across 7 Platforms: New Report

The latest report on Internet trends shows how Fortnite is taking over the world, and how YouTube is still proving a real draw to users around the globe.

The Internet is a vast universe of information, ideas, opinions, facts (and non-facts), and it can be hard to keep up with the latest big picture trends. Luckily, once a year a report is published that makes the industry sit up and take notice, as it confirms what’s happening online - and why we need to care about that.

The report, “Internet Trends 2019” from Mary Meeker contains four fascinating facts that readers of the vidIQ blog will want to know.

#1 Fortnite Has 250 Million Users Across 7 Platforms

Another interesting trend highlighted by Meeker is this: Epic Games have doubled Fortnite’s installed base year over year to 250 million registered users. How has Epic accomplished this amazing feat? According to Meeker, the growth in Fortnite’s registered users has mirrored the online video game’s expansion across seven platforms. She adds that Interactive gaming is an “increasingly relevant way to communicate.”

And according to The Hollywood Reporter, Fortnite isn't just a video game — it's also a legitimate "social media.” His story says a new study from the National Research Group has found, “Fortnite players spend more of their free time logging into the battle royale game than they do scrolling through Facebook and Instagram or streaming on Netflix and YouTube.”

#2 YouTube is Still Growing its Audience!

One of the most important facts in the report is the fact that YouTube continues to attract viewers of all ages around the world. across the world aged between 16 and 64 years old.

As you can clearly see, viewers aged between 16 and 64 who log into YouTube at least once a day is up from 22% in Q2 2017 to 27% in Q4 2018, while Instagram is up from 13% to 19% over the same period.

This is fantastic news for YouTube creators who are looking to build a solid subscriber base and generated those views and engagements. YouTube remains the leading video platform in the world and there are huge opportunities for growth among creators:

#3 There are 3.8 billion Internet Users Across the Globe

The report also confirms that there are now 3.8 billion internet users worldwide, that’s around 50% of the total global population. So YouTube creators still have an unprecedented opportunity to reach a huge range of viewers with the content they create.

#4 There is a Huge Opportunity for YouTube Audience Growth in India

So, where can YouTubers find opportunities for growth? The report confirms that China represents 21%, but as YouTube is officially blocked in that country it may be India (12% of the world’s Internet users), that currently holds the most potential for audience growth.

The chart below shows the percentage of Internet vs Non-Internet uses across a range of countries, but as the barriers to entry fall with each advance in technology, the potential for YouTubers to develop an audience in countries like India, Indonesia, Brazil, The Philippines, and Nigeria has never been greater.

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Image credit: Fortnite/Epic Games