How to Turn Your YouTube Channel into a Successful Business

How do you build a business on YouTube? In this week's episode of TubeTalk, we talk to a creator who will talk us through the right mindset to achieve that goal.
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Do you want to change your YouTube channel from your passion into a real business that generates significant revenue for you?

Today's guest on TubeTalk is Richie Norton, a hugely successful entrepreneur and business advisor who takes us through the practical steps of turning your YouTube presence into a money-making machine. In this episode of TubeTalk you will learn:

  • That you shouldn't wait for retirement to do what you want
  • Failure is all relative
  • The 3 Ts of Stupidity
  • The need to monetize off YouTube
  • How YouTube financial freedom is based on systems
  • How to make $50,000 per year

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Richie Norton: Website | LinkedIn | Instagram

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