How to Find Your Very FIRST YouTube Subscriber!

Who was the first person to ever subscribe to your YouTube channel? We show you how to find out.

Sure, you have a big YouTube channel now, but can you remember who your first ever subscriber was? Yes, it may have been your mum or your boyfriend, but it’s still fun to go back in time and confirm.

Here’s a fun little fact for you - the vidIQ YouTube channel went live on February 22nd, 2013. After 30 million views and 500K subscribers, we decided to find out who our very first subscriber was. You can do the same by following these steps:

  1. Click on your profile image in the top right-hand corner and go to the YouTube Studio
  2. On the dashboard screen, scroll down to see "Recent Subscribers"
  3. Click on “See All” to open a new dashboard
  4. In the top right of this screen, click on the "date range" and select "Lifetime"
  5. Now click on the "Date Subscribed" column twice, to show you the first or oldest subscriber

The one person who can stake their claim as "first" on vidIQ for any of our videos is Ali Wunderman. Unless she decides to unsubscribe. Don’t do that Ali.

Without the viewers who watch your videos, the people who subscribe to your channel, the community that engages you and supports you, you as a creator might as well present to an empty room.

These are the people who first placed faith, trust, and value in the message you have to share.

As a creator community, especially during these very challenging times for everybody, give something back to those who first supported you and gave you the courage to start your YouTube channel. Take a look back to who your first subscribers were and watch one of their videos, give it a like, and post a nice comment. It may mean the world to them right now.

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