15 Fastest-Growing Gaming Channels on YouTube [December]

Saluting gaming's newest YouTube stars! This list showcases 15 creators from the vidIQ community who defied the 'saturated niche' myth to grow their channels!

In the past year, the top gaming creators on YouTube pulled in over 300 million subscribers collectively. With numbers like that, it's safe to say that interest won't be declining any time soon; viewers will embrace gaming content for years to come.

Maybe that's why creators in the vidIQ community choose to leverage this popular niche. To prove that point, here are the top 15 gaming channels from the last month that outperformed everyone else!

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1. Beamng Scenes

Beamng Scenes uploads gameplay videos and car jumps.

  • Subscribers in November: 34,257
  • Current subscribers: 125,00

Most watched video:

2. Rope Gamer 22

Rope Gamer 22 creates content around car simulation games.

  • Subscribers in November: 7
  • Current subscribers: 2,510

Most watched video:

3. Gabel

Gabel is an FPS gamer who plays multiple titles.

  • Subscribers in November: 37
  • Current subscribers: 2,260

Most watched video:

4. GameWithTony

GameWithTony is a content creator who likes animal survival games.

  • Subscribers in November: 16
  • Current subscribers: 1,590

Most watched video:

5. Zayan Gaming

Zayan Gaming does gameplay walkthroughs on popular titles.

  • Subscribers in November: 4
  • Current subscribers: 1,090

Most watched video:

6. SaltyMidget

SaltyMidget uploads content on time simulation games.

  • Subscribers in November: 33
  • Current subscribers: 4,090

Most watched video:

7. Zlike

Zlike creates gameplay videos on puzzle-based games.

  • Subscribers in November: 80
  • Current subscribers: 1,670

Most watched video:

8. Mihanicus

Mihanicus is a Rust player who publishes gameplay VODs.

  • Subscribers in November: 27
  • Current subscribers: 2,130

Most watched video:

9. Starrbean

Starrbean creates fun content around many games.

  • Subscribers in November: 537
  • Current subscribers: 7,450

Most watched video:

10. Rage Vikings Gaming

Rage Vikings Gaming plays a variety of games and uploads walkthroughs.

  • Subscribers in November: 395
  • Current subscribers: 4,030

Most watched video:

11. DK Gameplay

DK Gameplay makes entertaining videos based on puzzle games.

  • Subscribers in November: 21
  • Current subscribers: 1,330

Most watched video:

12. JS

JS makes tips and tricks videos as well as memes on popular games.

  • Subscribers in November: 2,113
  • Current subscribers: 7,790

Most watched video:

13. Joshy359

Joshy 359 does playthroughs on top-rated titles.

  • Subscribers in November: 3
  • Current subscribers: 1,410

Most watched video:

14. Tarso

Tarso is a competitive freestyler in Rocket League.

  • Subscribers in November: 11
  • Current subscribers: 1,540

Most watched video:

15. Aqua

Aqua creates entertaining gaming content on several titles.

  • Subscribers in November: 242
  • Current subscribers: 2,850

Most watched video:

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