10 YouTube Channels that Hit 100K Subs FAST! [December]

They've done it again! 10 creators, who once had small channels, hit 100,000 subscribers on YouTube. Discover who they are and how they blew up so quickly!

Getting 100,000 subscribers isn't easy, but we know 10 creators who pulled it off in just a few weeks. Many of them used lifelong skills, such as candy making, drawing, and video game design, to pull in hundreds of thousands of views. This proves that almost anyone can find their audience on YouTube, especially when making videos about their expertise.

These lucky creators are in the vidIQ community, so we're doubly excited about their success this month. Congratulations and welcome to the 100K Subs Club!

As always, we define the vidIQ community as anyone using our growth tools to reach YouTube success. So if you've signed up for vidIQ to optimize your videos, find keywords, or even get video ideas, this roundup is for you. We're celebrating your wins.

Top Channels Passing 100,000 Subscribers in December

1. Koryer

Koryer makes skits that combine funny voiceovers and Roblox gaming sessions.

  • Subscribers in November: 868
  • Current subscribers: 521,000

Most-viewed video:

2. Great Gadgets

Great Gadgets makes videos about technology and appliances that make life easier.

  • Subscribers in November: 854
  • Current subscribers: 233,000

Most-viewed video:

3. Andulord

Andulord posts daily Shorts about the signs of normal versus genius intelligence.

  • Subscribers in November: 7,780
  • Current subscribers: 837,000

Most-viewed video:

4. EiCurioso! Español

EiCurioso! Español shares tales of legendary monsters.

  • Subscribers in November: 6,940
  • Current subscribers: 644,000

Most-viewed video:

5. Sokir

Sokir mixes Minecraft and soccer to make creative animations.

  • Subscribers in November: 4,390
  • Current subscribers: 417,000

Most-viewed video:

6. Quizzer Kayra

Quizzer Kayra shares entertaining memory tests, puzzles, and "find this" challenges.

  • Subscribers in November: 5,300
  • Current subscribers: 443,000

Most-viewed video:

7. Artist Abhimanyu

Artist Abhimanyu makes drawing tutorials for kids and adults.

  • Subscribers in November: 5,970
  • Current subscribers: 192,000

Most-viewed video:

8. Linda Vilay

Linda Vilay makes beauty, fashion, and music videos.

  • Subscribers in November: 5,600
  • Current subscribers: 174,000

Most-viewed video:

9. Pirate Software

Pirate Software is an indie game studio that shares the reality of making video games.

  • Subscribers in November: 14,200
  • Current subscribers: 1.04M

Most-viewed video:

10. Rocks & Rolls Candy

Rocks & Rolls Candy shows the fascinating process of making artisanal treats.

  • Subscribers in November: 25,100
  • Current subscribers: 1.4M

Most-viewed video:

Congrats to everyone who had amazing subscriber growth last month! 🥳 If you want to see your channel grow, don't forget to sign up for vidIQ and get robust tools, data, and video ideas.

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