10 Small YouTube Channels that Hit 10K Subs [December]

These phenomenal YouTubers got 10,000 subs in just 30 days! Meet 10 rising creators who talk about the human body, fashion, motorcycles, and more.

Reaching 10,000 subscribers on YouTube in just a few weeks is a remarkable achievement! We're excited to honor 10 creators who reached this goal in record time, because honestly, YouTube isn't easy. The creators on this list are making unique content, sharpening their storytelling skills, and uploading consistently — three skills everyone needs to grow a massive channel.

So, congratulations to these skilled YouTubers. You've officially joined the 10K Subs Club!

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Top Channels Passing 10,000 Subscribers in December

1. Trust Me Bro

Trust Me Bro makes comedic videos exploring the darker side of history.

  • Subscribers in November: 17,100
  • Current subscribers: 27,400

Most-viewed video:

2. Life with Zainab in UK

Life with Zainab teaches Pakistani viewers how to move to the UK, from getting a visa to creating new income streams.

  • Subscribers in November: 16,800
  • Current subscribers: 21,200

Most-viewed video:

3. 維觀世界 (Dimensional World)

Dimensional World shows viewers what everyday products look like when magnified hundreds of times.

  • Subscribers in November: 15,200
  • Current subscribers: 17,400

Most-viewed video:

4. Goofi-Toofi Kids Songs

Goofi-Toofi Kids Songs is a channel that helps children develop motor skills, coordination, and a sense of rhythm through musical song and dance.

  • Subscribers in November: 10,300
  • Current subscribers: 11,900

Most-viewed video:

5. Kim Funny

Kim Funny makes endearing skits to promote joy, optimism, and the deeper meaning of life.

  • Subscribers in November: 49,800
  • Current subscribers: 52,100

Most-viewed video:

6. Human Body

Human Body shares valuable advice for understanding major organs and adopting healthy habits.

  • Subscribers in November: 14,000
  • Current subscribers: 45,400

Most-viewed video:

7. Welcome Nesly2000

Welcome Nesly2000 explores Roblox's user-generated worlds.

  • Subscribers in November: 15,100
  • Current subscribers: 22,200

Most-viewed video:

8. The Style Story

The Style Story shares the latest fashion trends, from makeup to clothing to hairstyles.

  • Subscribers in November: 31,500
  • Current subscribers: 36,100

Most-viewed video:

9. Telugu_Vlogs1

Telugu_Vlogs1 posts mini vlogs centered around motorcycles.

  • Subscribers in November: 37,800
  • Current subscribers: 43,400

Most-viewed video:

10. Dr.Prabhakar - HT Surgeon

Dr. Prabhakar is a dermatologist and hair transplant surgeon who educates viewers about hair transplant surgeries.

  • Subscribers in November: 35,800
  • Current subscribers: 40,700

Most-viewed video:

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