YouTube's Terms of Service Update: What it Means for Creators

YouTube's new Terms of Service allows it to place ads on videos published by unmonetized channels - without offering any revenue share. Find out what this means on this episode of TubeTalk.
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YouTube's latest change to its Terms of Service has provoked quite a reaction from creators. The platform has just announced that it's going to place ads on some unmonetized channels - but it will keep 100% of the revenue share as those channels aren't qualified, or haven't applied, to be part of the YouTube Partner Program.

On this week's episode of TubeTalk, vidIQ's Rob, Dan, and I will unpack all the new changes, and discuss the impact they will have on YouTube creators who haven't monetized their channels. You will learn:

  • The details regarding YouTube's update to its TOS
  • Which creators are impacted by this, and how
  • The positives of this announcement
  • The downsides to the change
  • How the new rules affect CPMs?
  • What creators need to consider going forward

We also asked the vidIQ community for their reaction to the news from YouTube regarding ad placement and here's just some of that feedback:

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