Is Your YouTube Homepage Losing You Subscribers? Find Out Now!

Is your YouTube homepage setting you up for success, or is it actually costing you views and subscribers? Find out in this week's episode of TubeTalk.
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If you haven't optimised your YouTube homepage for the viewer, and given them a very clear and enticing first impression of who you are and what content they can expect them you, then how will they ever subscribe to you? Worst still, those potential fans may leave and never come back.

Your YouTube Homepage is absolutely critical to your success as a creator. On this episode of TubeTalk, I chat with vidIQ’s own Dan Carson and Travis McPherson as we dive into this highly underrated topic. It's such a quick win for any creator, but so many aren't ensuring their homepage is all it can be. In this episode you will learn:

  • The value prop in your channel banner
  • What makes a compelling channel trailer
  • The power of specific YouTube Playlists
  • Why cohesive branding is so important
  • How to get the most out of Community posts
  • Why ignoring your 'About' tab is a big mistake!

How to Get Your YouTube Subscribers to Watch Your Videos!

It can be a struggle to get your subscribers to watch more of your video content. So join the vidIQ team as they bring you the best strategy for bringing those YouTube subscribers back for more!

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