From Burnt Out to Refreshed: How to Take a YouTube Break During the Holidays

Have you made YouTube videos non-stop this year? This holiday season, take a break from YouTube so you can relax, recharge, and restore your creativity.

Taking a break from YouTube is a great way to rest and recharge during the holidays. But even with those benefits, many creators have a hard time not posting anything. They're in a groove when it comes to posting consistently, and they don't want to lose any views or subscribers.

Are you feeling the same way?

If so, take a deep breath. Your channel will survive, but only if you plan for the break and communicate the details with your audience. You have nothing to worry about, as long as you don't leave without saying goodbye.

If you need a full plan, here are five tips for taking a holiday break (without hurting your YouTube channel).

1. Announce Your Break in a YouTube Video

First, be honest about needing a break from YouTube. Tell your audience what's going on, and explain why you're leaving so they can prepare for your absence. This builds trust between you and your subscribers, which is massively important when you want their attention long-term.

So make a YouTube video announcing the break, and don't hold back when explaining your decision. Are you feeling burnt out? Do you need to spend time with friends and family? Your viewers aren't entitled to a reason, but they'll empathize much better when you share those details.

Need a quick example? A few days ago, Tengy Talks TV & Movies posted an effective "taking a break" video. She mentions that besides YouTube, she has a day job and cares for a family member with health issues. Because of that, she doesn't have time to make videos, work, and be a caregiver.

In the comment section, no one seems upset about Tengy leaving; if anything, they're offering words of support! One viewer even promised to stay subscribed while Tengy focuses on her needs.

2. Say How Long You'll Be Gone

Are you leaving YouTube for two weeks? Three? An entire month? Be sure to let your audience know no matter what the time frame is. This little piece of honesty helps them manage their expectations around not seeing your content for a while.

3. Create Videos to Post in Your Absence

You might be taking a break from YouTube, but that doesn't mean you have to disappear! Many creators plan ahead by filming videos to post in their absence. So instead of getting no views, they stay relevant through the holiday season and continue to grow their channels.

For this strategy, try batch recording. This is where you set aside 1-3 days to record lots of videos, one after the other. Then you'll use the schedule feature to have YouTube publish all of the videos for you.

To viewers, it will seem like you never left!

4. Stay Active on the YouTube Community Tab

There are other ways to keep viewers engaged besides posting videos. You can reply to new comments on your channel, create some YouTube Stories, or do our personal favorite: post on the YouTube Community tab.

Within this social network, you can post images, GIFs, polls, and other content to nurture a relationship with your viewers. So if you don't feel like posting videos, know that it takes five minutes to create Community posts and connect with your viewers.

5. Tell Viewers What to Expect After a YouTube Break

Lastly, don't leave YouTube without giving your viewers something to look forward to. That could be a vlog they requested, an exciting collaboration, or a meet and greet you've been working on. Now's the perfect time to share those plans, so people have reason to return to your channel.

You Deserve a Break from YouTube

It's been a long year, especially on the internet. We watched "pink sauce" become an actual product, played "Jiggle Jiggle" by Louis Theroux a gazillion times, and watched the CEO of corn share his buttery pastime. Now it's time for a reset — maybe even a digital detox.

By following these tips, you can take a well-deserved holiday break from your YouTube channel without hurting your performance or viewer engagement. Happy holidays!