MrBeast’s ‘Squid Game’ Video Still Averages 74k VPH – Here’s Why

Four months later, MrBeast is still getting massive views from his “Squid Game” video. Here’s what makes it unique and how you can repeat his success on YouTube.


It’s been four months since we all gushed over MrBeast’s most famous video: “$456,000 Squid Game In Real Life!"

We’re checking in to announce that everyone, including MrBeast fans and general viewers, cannot stop watching this elaborate challenge. Here are some statistics for the video, according to vidIQ data:

  • 12,200 views per hour today – April 6, 2022
  • 10,000-25,000 VPH in the last month
  • 74,400 VPH historically (on average)
  • 238 million all-time views

If today’s viewing rate holds steady (12,200 VPH), the video will gain 292,800 views every 24 hours.

That would make the future view count:

  • 246 million views in the next 30 days
  • 290 million views in the next six months
  • 344 million views in the next year

That’s just speculation, of course. We’re not saying those numbers will materialize in the future, but it’s an intriguing theory.

What’s more intriguing: If MrBeast can achieve all of this with one video, how can you (or any creator) replicate his success?

Why People Watch MrBeast’s “Squid Game” 4 Months Later

“Squid Game” is MrBeast’s most-viewed video on his main channel. Give it a watch if you haven’t seen the video, then we’ll explain its awesomeness.

Remarkable things about this video:

  • There are no wasted minutes. MrBeast explains the challenge immediately and quickens the pace with jump cuts and multiple camera angles.
  • It’s a high-energy group challenge. With 456 competitors, there’s plenty of action to enjoy. And if there’s a TV audience for “Ninja Warrior” and “The Amazing Race,” MrBeast proves there’s a similar YouTube audience.
  • It builds upon a trending topic. Netflix subscribers have watched more than 2.1 billion hours of “Squid Game” since November 2021. All of that buzz is sending MrBeast’s YouTube spin-off to the moon.
  • There’s $456,000 on the line. The prize in the original show is $45.6 billion, but MrBeast’s offering is nothing to sneeze at. When money is involved, viewers stick around to see who wins it.
  • It’s a “YouTube first.” MrBeast spent $3.5 million on his "Squid Game" video. No YouTuber has done that, so it’s worth a second, third, and fourth watch.

Hats off to MrBeast. It makes sense that the video averages 74,400 views per hour on YouTube.

How to Make a MrBeast-Style Video For Less Money

Want to get steady YouTube views on one video for a long time? Here’s how to make a stripped-down version of the typical MrBeast video:

  • Increase your YouTube network. Get to know creators in your area and pitch the idea of group challenges and collaborations.
  • Throw in a cash prize. Make it $100, $200 – whatever’s reasonable. Or even better, get a brand to supply the cash reward via YouTube sponsorship.
  • Spend almost nothing by using the great outdoors. Make it an outdoor challenge with just a few props, and your bank account won’t crumble.
  • Encourage everyone in the video to promote it. You might not be as famous as MrBeast, but your network can boost the video significantly.
  • Follow the trends. Think about competitions like Netflix’s “Is It Cake?” That was a meme on social media before it became a show.

MrBeast is awesome, but you don’t need a MrBeast budget to excel on YouTube.

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