How to Get The Best, Free Music For YouTube [Royalty Free!]

What’s the easiest way to find music for free that you can actually use on YouTube without any copyright issues on your monetized content? Find out here!

At vidIQ we often get asked the question, "What music do we use on our videos?" Well, we’ll tell you. Point your web browser to and this will take you to YouTube's own growing stash of free music you can use in your videos. There are several filters you can use to drill down into a particular genre, mood, instrument, and all music duration. In case you’re wondering. ‘Arp Bounce’ is the exact music we use on all of our YouTube beginner's guide videos. The YouTube audio library is completely free, and anyone can use it and still monetize your YouTube content.

Referencing Music in Your YouTube Description

The one thing you need to be careful about is whether or not you need to reference the music in your video description. This is easily checked through the attribution filter in YouTube’s library. When you click on the tune, it will show you exactly what you need to copy and paste into the video description:

Free, Royalty-Free Music from Other Sources

Now, of course there are hundreds of services, both paid and free, off the YouTube platform that provide royalty free music. Although you're never 100 percent sure of where that music's coming from.

If you downloaded it from another YouTube video or a random website then it might not be royalty free and you could find yourself in very hot water later down the line. So, we always recommend getting your free music from the audio library on YouTube because you are guaranteed to be able to use it on the platform without any issues and be able to monetize your content. Oh and now would also seem like the perfect opportunity to let you know that you can also download loads of sound effects for free which you can filter by category and sound too!

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