30 YouTube Keyboard Shortcuts to Save Yourself Some Time

Did you know there are several YouTube keyboard shortcuts? Whether you’re a video creator or casual viewer, you need these game changers in your life. Keep reading for a list of handy shortcuts.

Almost no one watches a YouTube video from start to finish. If the title teases a “juicy” segment, it’s hard not to fast forward or rewind to the good stuff.

Of course, doing all of that with your cursor is a pain. Hovering over the video player to boost the volume is time consuming, as well as skimming frame by frame or searching for YouTube's full-screen mode.

That’s why you need YouTube keyboard shortcuts for Mac and PC. These 30 functions create a better viewing experience and make YouTube accessible for everyone.

YouTube Keyboard Shortcuts You Need to Know

First, go to YouTube and press Shift + ? to see a list of (most) YouTube keyboard controls.

These YouTube hotkeys will help you view content faster, and we’ve listed them below for convenience.

General YouTube Shortcut Keys:

  1. YouTube fullscreen shortcut: Press f.
  2. Theater mode: Press t.
  3. Miniplayer mode: Press i.
  4. Close miniplayer or dialog box: Press ESCAPE.
  5. YouTube mute shortcut: Press m.

YouTube Playback Controls:

  1. Start/stop video playback: Press k or the space bar.
  2. YouTube fast forward shortcut: Press l to advance 10 seconds or press the right arrow to advance five seconds.
  3. YouTube rewind shortcut: Press j to rewind 10 seconds or press the left arrow to rewind five seconds.
  4. Next video YouTube shortcut: Press Shift + n to watch the next video in a playlist or the next suggested video.
  5. Previous video YouTube shortcut: Press Shift + p to go back to the last video in a playlist.
  6. YouTube frame advance (forward): Pause the video and press “.” to go to the next frame.
  7. YouTube frame advance (backward): Pause the video and press “,” to go to the last frame.
  8. YouTube playback speed (faster): Press Shift + . to increase video playback speed.
  9. YouTube playback speed (slower): Press Shift + , to decrease video playback speed.
  10. Skip to specific video points: Press any number between one and nine to advance by 10% increments. Example: Press nine to go 90% into the video.
  11. Go back to the beginning of a video: Press zero.
  12. Skip to the next video chapter: Press Option + →.
  13. Go to the last video chapter: Press Option + ←.
  14. Adjust volume: Press the up arrow to increase video volume by 5%, and press the down arrow to decrease it by 5%.

YouTube Subtitles and Captions Controls

  1. Turn captions and subtitles on/off: Press c.
  2. Change text brightness: Press o.
  3. Change the transparency of caption backgrounds: Press w.
  4. Decrease font size: Press the minus key.
  5. Increase font size: Press the plus key.

YouTube Spherical Video Controls (360 VR)

  1. Pan upward: Press w.
  2. Pan downward: Press s.
  3. Pan to the left: Press a.
  4. Pan to the right: Press d.
  5. Zoom in: Press the plus key on your number pad or press ].
  6. Zoom out: Press the minus key on your number pad or press [.

Watch the video below to see these shortcuts in real-time.

Most people aren't aware of these YouTube video hotkeys. How does it feel to join the 10% of people who browse faster and easier on YouTube?

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