T Series: The Moment They Hit 100 Million YouTube Subscribers

T Series just became the first independent YouTube channel to hit 100M subscribers! The entertainment channel more than doubled its number of subscribers in just one year.

Congratulations to T Series, the first independent YouTube channel to reach 100,000,000 subscribers. I made a prediction about a month ago that T-Series would surpass 100M subscribers on the 23rd of May 2019 - and I was only out by a week! I blame Pewdiepie to be honest, since the end of the subscriber race, T Series' own subscriber pace has slowed by about 20,000 subscribers a day.

They still average 120,000 subscribers a day, but you tell me who isn't gonna miss an extra 140,000 subscribers a week? 20,000? 140,000? 100,000,000? Isn't it amazing how much we take these figures for granted these days? And that's whats fascinated me more than anything else throughout this story.

The internet didn't exist 30 years ago. YouTube didn't exist a decade and a half ago. And yet, there is the ability to share something for free and have it influence more than 100,000,000 people. If you can think of a better example of the transformation of global communications, let me know.

T Series are the first independent channel, not run by YouTube, to hit 100,000,000 subscribers, and I think it's only fair to award T Series our milestone achievement award. Congratulations! And T-Series aren't shy about celebrating their success either. This is what their channel banner currently looks like:

But ultimately, 100,000,000 is just another number on the continuous and unrelenting march towards more subscribers. I've got a few final numbers to share with you here. T-Series joined YouTube on Monday, March 13th 2006. That means it took them 4,784 days or 13 years, one month, and six days to go from zero to 100,000,000 subscribers. If you average that over the lifetime of the entire channel, that's 20,890 subscribers per day.

But that only tells you a tiny portion of the story because on this day last year, T-Series had 46.75 million subscribers. Yeah, that's right. The largest channel in the world more than doubled its size in just 365 days. And that more or less, brings us to the end of this numerical adventure, because YouTube wants to end these live subscriber counts.

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