Top 10 Black Friday Keywords on YouTube

Are you planning to publish video content about Black Friday? We confirm the most searched keywords on YouTube around this annual shopping bonanza.

In 2018, sales made on Black Fridays generated $6.2 billion in revenue for online retailers, an increase of 24% from the previous year. Consumers are eager for bargains and are turning to platforms like YouTube to scope out reviews on products that want to snap up in the sale.

While hundreds of thousands of creators have already been publishing content around the topic on YouTube, particlarly around tech and other consumer electronics, but there are still gaps in the market to create new videos around the tentpole event. Let's take a look at the top 10 keywords that YouTube viewers have been searching for on YouTube:

Top 10 Black Friday Keywords on YouTube

If you're a YouTube creator and are scheduling posts around Black Friday 2019 you need to be up to speed on which keywords viewers are searching for on YouTube right now. Running the keyword 'Black Friday' through the invaluable vidIQ Keyword Tool, confirms that the following are the most searched for Black Friday keywords and phrases on YouTube for 2019:

  1. Black Friday
  2. Black Friday 2019
  3. Black Friday deals
  4. Best Black Friday deals
  5. Black Friday 2019 deals
  6. Black Friday shopping
  7. Black Friday sales
  8. Black Friday haul
  9. Walmart
  10. Target

When are Viewers Searching for Black Friday Content on YouTube?

Black Friday happens once a year in the US (and increasingly in other countries for the past few years) so creators need to know when they should publish content around the tentpole event to leverage ranking and visibility on YouTube.

Since 2014, according to Google Trends for YouTube, interest from YouTube viewers in the US in Black Friday starts to peak around mid November, and lasts around a month.

With any tentpole or seasonal event, it pasy to remember that any video content you've uploaded before on the topic can still be maximized for extra views and engagement. Evergreen content is the key to more views on YouTube, so revisit past Black Friday videos and update your titles and custom thumbnails to see if can leverage the seasonal interest in the content.

Finding Opportunities to Create Black Friday Content on YouTube

Viewers searching for Black Friday on YouTube do so with a particular aim in mind. They may be searching for the best deals retailers have to offer, or reviews for a piece of tech or gadget they have their eye on. Your focus should be on answering those queries with your content, and for an event like this you can do so in a number of ways.

Keyword research is vital for this (take a look at our deep-dive guide into ranking on YouTube with keyword research). Starting with the keyword set above, plus an eye on the focus of your channel, start thinking of ideas for your Black Friday uploads.

It's very interesting tha both Walmart & Target are among the most searched for keywords around the Black Friday event so there may be an opportunity to combine a review of a product with the retail offer being provided.

While Walmart is uploading TV ads around the event to YouTube, this isn't necessarily the most engaging content for viewers who want more. They know the best retailers are running sales, but they want to know what products and what the best deals are going to be. Talking of deals, let’s take a deeper dive into what viewers are interested in around this category.

Top 5 Black Friday Deals Keywords on YouTube

  1. Black Friday deals
  2. Best Black Friday deals
  3. Black Friday deals 2019
  4. Amazon Black Friday
  5. Black Friday sales

If you want an idea of the type of Black Friday deal ideas that YouTube viewers love, take a look at this upload from The Deal Guy, published in November 2016. To date, it has generated over 619K views, and is still generating over 650 views per hour nearly a year later! He's taken a tentpole event that viewers search for but turned it on its head for that provocative angle we're all drawn to. It's no wonder that it still ranks and is attracting attention because it still provides value to today's consumer:

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