Virtual Halloween 2020: Top Keywords on YouTube

2020 is Halloween in quarantine for many of us. Here are the top trending keywords around this spooky holiday in this extraordinary year.

This year’s Halloween is going to look much different than 2019’s door-to-door conquest for candy. The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has discouraged traditional trick-or-treating during COVID-19, so many are turning online for entertainment and inspiration.

That means we’re going to experience the strangest, most digitally-reconfigured Halloween of all time. In lieu of trick-or-treating through spooky neighborhoods, brands like Mars-Wrigley have created virtual experiences to help families celebrate from home.

One of these is a mobile app called Treat Town, which gamifies the joy of trick-or-treating. The goal of the game is to get people to give you digital credits for buying real candy, and players achieve that by decorating an attractive virtual door. Of course, that’s not the only example of this year’s virtual Halloween. Costume contests and Halloween parties are appearing across the web, too.

If you’re an up-and-coming YouTuber, your ‘content senses’ should be tingling right about now. With all these new ways to celebrate Halloween, plus the fanfare of older traditions, you could get tons of views from timely content.

Need some ideas to get started? Read this guide for the top keywords and content ideas around Halloween 2020.

Top YouTube Keywords for Halloween 2020

Using the right keywords in your titles and descriptions is crucial for getting more views on YouTube. According to the vidIQ keyword tool, a top Halloween keyword with only moderate competition is ‘Halloween 2020’. This term has a monthly search volume of 275,899 on YouTube. Here are nine other terms to keep in mind as you create content:

  1. Halloween costumes
  2. Halloween decor
  3. Halloween pranks
  4. Halloween party
  5. Halloween songs
  6. Halloween songs for kids
  7. Spirit Halloween 2020
  8. Halloween movies
  9. Animal Crossing Halloween update

Animal Crossing and Halloween 2020 Are a Thing

Did you catch the last keyword in our list above? ‘Animal Crossing Halloween update’ is a trending keyword right now, and that’s mostly due to a fall update of the popular game. It’s also proof that Halloween and gaming are merging paths this year to become one virtual experience.

If you paste ‘Animal Crossing Halloween update’ into YouTube’s search bar, you’ll find recent videos with hundreds of thousands of views. Some of them explain everything you need to know about the "Animal Crossing" update, and some showcase beautiful yet spooky islands players have designed.

And then there are videos like the one below, which is a short tutorial on how to buy Halloween costumes and candy in "Animal Crossing":

This video by DanieG Gaming (6.61K subscribers) is worth mentioning because it has more than 8K views. If you scroll through their channel, you’ll see that most videos earned between 300 and 3,000 views. So in terms of attracting more viewers and growing a channel, DanieG Gaming’s "Animal Crossing" tutorial was a success. Of course, that success is repeatable if you’re willing to hop on this Halloween trend.

Spirit Halloween 2020 on YouTube: Shopping, Decor, and Costumes

Let’s take a step back and talk about ‘Halloween 2020’. Our star keyword with 275,899 monthly searches is fair game for creators. But there’s a similar keyword to that one gaining some traction, and that’s ‘Spirit Halloween 2020’, which refers to the popular U.S. Halloween store. According to the vidIQ keyword tool, competition for this keyword is low and the search volume is just under 60,000 per month. That's not as high as 'Halloween 2020's' search volume, but smaller creators may benefit from reduced competition around 'Spirit Halloween 2020'.

You can find proof of this on a channel called The Wild Ride. With only 1.79K subscribers, this creator has managed to get tens of thousands of views on Spirit Halloween shopping videos, like the one below:

This shopping adventure attracted 28K views, which is impressive for a channel that’s only two months old. It’s possible that using ‘Spirit Halloween 2020’ in the title helped the video take off. If you dig through The Wild Ride channel, you’ll see that most of their popular videos contain some variation of that keyword.

But what if you wanted to focus on creating Halloween costumes instead of shopping for Halloween materials? No problem. Channels like K&T Do Halloween are doing exactly that using the ‘Spirit Halloween 2020’ keyword. The only difference is they’re doing epic costume makeovers of spooky animatronic props, like this one:

K&T Do Halloween only has 10K subscribers, but with the right keyword, the video above managed to attract a quarter of a million views.

If you like shopping at Spirit Halloween, try to come up with unique video ideas around that. As you can see from the examples above, the keyword is hot right now and channels of various sizes are reaping the benefits.

Ultimately, you have two options for YouTube success this Halloween: You can address the virtual side of the holiday or stick to the traditional celebrations we all know and love. Either way, you have the opportunity to get more YouTube views as people stay safe at home this spooky season.

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