YouTube Kids App: 6 Things Creators Should Know

Can creators make money on the YouTube Kids app? Are all kid-focused videos eligible? Today, we share the answers to these questions.

We’ve already shared a behemoth of news about YouTube’s plan for kids’ content. In a nutshell, all creators must now classify their channels as Made For Kids (or not) to avoid hefty penalties. If your content is 'Made for Kids', under the new rules you'll lose the ability to benefit financially from many of YouTube’s best features, including merchandise shelves, Super Chats, and personalized ads.

This leaves some creators with unanswered questions. Many are wondering if they can make enough money on YouTube to continue their careers. And curiously, others are wondering how YouTube Kids, an app for audiences under 13, factors into the equation. For instance, is YouTube pushing Made For Kids creators there instead? And most importantly, how much money can be made from the app?

Today, we’re going to address some of those questions. If you’ve been wondering what the YouTube Kids app is - or what happens on that side of the video world - here are six important things to know.

#1 What is YouTube Kids? And How do Kid-friendly videos Make it to the App?

YouTube Kids is a safer, age-appropriate version of the regular platform. It was created to give kids a simple but fun way to explore their interests online.

As a creator, you won’t need an invitation (or application) for your content to appear there. Instead, the videos are drawn from YouTube’s vast library. Automatic filters, human review, and user feedback help determine which videos are suitable for the Kids app.

#2 How Can I Ensure My Videos are Eligible for the YouTube Kids app?

According to YouTube, your content should be positive and educational to make the cut. That’s the general overview, but here are some concrete guidelines to follow:

  • Make age-appropriate videos for kids and their families.
  • Avoid controversial topics (like violence or sexual content).
  • Post original content that isn’t sensationalist or repetitive.
  • Make sure on-screen minors feel comfortable and safe.
  • Make sure that popular or trendy content is family-friendly.
  • Be a role model; display good behaviors families can be proud of.

#3 If I’ve Categorized My Channel as Made For Kids, Will My Videos Automatically Appear on the YouTube Kids App?

There isn’t a clear answer to this question yet. However, my guess would be no. Just from reading the list of guidelines above, it seems as if the Made For Kids label is just that - a label.

YouTube will use it to identify videos and channels that might be a good fit, but additional review will help the platform select the best content. That’s my prediction until YouTube shares more information!

#4 Can Videos on the YouTube Kids App Earn Adsense Revenue?

Yes! The app is free, so YouTube uses ad revenue to sustain the platform and pay kid-focused creators.

However, compared to the main app, there’s a chance you could earn less money on the Kids platform. That’s because the number of users on both apps is not even comparable: YouTube boasts 2 billion users per month, while the Kids app attracts several million users each week.

Naturally, advertisers will flock to the platform with the largest audience. If YouTube Kids attracts fewer advertisers, you might earn a fraction of what you’d make on plain old YouTube.

#5 Will Videos in the YouTube Kids App Show Targeted Ads?

No, you won’t be able to run targeted ads on the YouTube Kids app. This is a decision the company made to comply with the COPPA Act, which prevents online publishers from collecting personal information from users younger than 13.

YouTube Kids isn’t the only app to axe personalized ads. Right now, the same rule applies to the main app. And honestly, that’s another reason your revenue could decrease on both platforms. A lack of targeted ads results in fewer views, clicks, and Adsense revenue.

On top of that, most ad categories are restricted on Kids app. These include:

  • video games
  • politics
  • religion
  • beauty
  • fitness
  • food and beverage
  • dating and relationships
  • online communities
  • and more

#6 How Do Ads Differ on the Kids App?

Right now, only in-stream video ads appear in the Kids app. That means you won’t see things like text ads, overlays, and banners on a watch page.

However, what you will see on the YouTube Kids app are ad disclaimers. These help children understand when a ‘commercial’ is about to play, and that it’s separate from video they’re watching.

Here’s what the pre-ad disclaimer looks like:

And here’s what the actual ad looks like. This one is from Netflix:

To further protect young viewers, these ads aren’t clickable. Children can watch them, but they won’t find themselves being taken off the platform and onto third-party websites. Even info cards are disabled to keep kids on the platform.

How to Keep Making Money as a Kid-Focused Creator

Now that you know what’s happening on the YouTube Kids app, let me offer some words of encouragement. We here at vidIQ understand how unsettling it is to learn about YouTube’s monetization restrictions. As a Made For Kids creator, theoretically, you should have plenty of ways to finance your efforts.

If you’re wondering what to do next, don’t panic. Simply read our blog post “How to Make Money as a Made For Kids YouTube Channel.” In it, we share some workarounds that will help you survive on YouTube and make more money from your content.

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