Take Your YouTube Channel to the Next Level In Just 30 Days!

You already know the value of vidIQ but are you ready to jump all in and take your YouTube channel to the next level in 2020?

Because vidIQ wants you to succeed we've developed an unmissable training course to help make your YouTube goals a reality. It's packed full of actionable tips, and examples based on real world experience from the vidIQ team of experts.

We're delivering 30 videos over the next month to cover every aspect of researching, creating, publishing and optimizing your video content.

In This Course You Will Learn How To:

  • Focus on the topic you are most passionate about so you can build an engaged audience and community around your channel
  • Build a YouTube channel that creates a sustainable audience, generating views and subscribers while you sleep
  • Fix basic but crucial creator pain points such as audio, lighting, video editing and more
  • Take practical and doable steps every day for 30 days to jumpstart your YouTube strategy
  • How to beat your competitors for views, comments, and likes
  • Get the most value out of vidIQ analytics
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