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Maximize Your Video’s Organic Reach

Creating great content on YouTube is only half the battle to growing your views and subscribers. If you want your videos to rank well and be discovered by, or suggested to, other viewers you’ll need to know how to research the best keywords to maximize your titles, descriptions, tags and Playlists, and understand what your competitors are doing to win.


Boost What’s Working

Want a 24/7 expert YouTube consultant at your fingertips? The vidIQ Channel Audit tool will help you fully understand what’s working with your content, what’s not working, and what you need to do to get your Channel in the best shape you can. It’s one of the most powerful video marketing tools on the planet, giving every creator the information they need to grow and succeed on YouTube (and beyond).


Beat the Competition

With the vidIQ Competitors Tool, you’ll get a unique peek behind the curtain at what your competitors are doing to rank highly and attract those golden views and subscribers. You’ll be able to instantly track the video creators who are important to your channel, whether they are big influencers setting trends in your space, or channels smaller than you having breakthrough content. Our Competitors Tool allows you to follow the competition and leverage what they do right for your own YouTube strategy.


Compare View Velocity

Have you ever wanted to see how your video compares to any other video, channel or Playlist on YouTube? With our ‘Compare Views’ tool you can track the velocity of ANY video on YouTube and then compare it to ANY video or ANY channel to get the best real-time feedback on how your content is performing!


See What’s Trending on YouTube

YouTube is the home of trending video content and if you want to find out what’s ACTUALLY trending and driving massive views our Most Viewed tool gives you incredible insight into the trending topics on YouTube. Let’s say you want to know which are the most popular videos on Fornite Season 7, for channels based in Spain with less than 10,000 subscribers? Yep, our tool can do that!


YouTube Productivity Tools

Our Productivity tools make running your YouTube Channel so much easier, freeing you up to spend more time creating your content. There are a wealth of features in the tool to ensure you’re optimizing and promoting your videos across the platform.


Celebrate Your YouTube Wins!

Have you cracked 1000 subscribers, smashed 1 million YouTube views, or uploaded 200 videos? Whatever your next milestone is, our Achievements Tool will track it for you and automatically generate certificates that you can share with your community instantly. After all, you deserve it!