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Facebook Syndication

vidIQ’s Facebook Syndication allows you to send your videos straight from YouTube to Facebook, the largest social media platform in the world. In one easy step. And while posting natively to Facebook is always the best practice, sometimes you just want your content to hit your Facebook News Feed as part of your overall distribution strategy. We show you how.

Add Video to Facebook

First off, you’ll need to connect your Facebook Page to your vidIQ account. Once that’s done, to syndicate your video to Facebook you’ll need to select the "send to Facebook" option from the video manager page.

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Facebook Syndication Options

Next you will need to fill out the Facebook syndication options. The title and description are auto-populated for you, although you can edit this information. You do have to set the category on Facebook but everything else is done for you, is you don’t want to edit any other information. If you do want to edit, the tool makes this very easy to do. Once you’re happy with the information provided around the video just click ‘Syndicate.’

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