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Most Viewed: What’s REALLY Trending on YouTube

YouTube’s own Trending Page is an awesome resource, but does it really reflect what’s actually trending on the platform. Not always, no, which is why vidIQ’s ‘Most Viewed’ tool is vital for any content creator and publisher. Understanding what the most-viewed videos are on YouTube at any one time can be a goldmine for any creator looking for content inspiration over a range of genres and categories.

Sorting Options: Most Viewed YouTube Videos

When searching for trending content you’ll want to:

  • Sort by: Views per Hour (to confirm the video is still on the rise), views, engagements.
  • Refine by: videos within the past 48 hours, 7 days, 30 days, or 6 months.

And that’s just what vidIQ’s ‘Most Viewed’ tool does. Search for it in the left-hand column or in the top tab on your main YouTube pages. Our results are based on the videos generating the highest views per hour right now, that’s trending content data in real-time!

Most Viewed Video: Search Filters

The Most Viewed search filters allow you to discover only the video content you’re interested in. So, if you’re not particularly interested in cooking videos or children’s content, but are very interested in Apex legends, you can dive into that category via the tool.

You can also break down your search by views per hour, views, or engagements depending on the information you need based on videos from the last six months, from the last week, or from videos trending right now. Oh, and did we mention you can also sort by location and YouTube Channel size?