Howdy howdy everyone, Nate here!

vidIQ is the tool that I've secretly used for years to make growing channels simpler, and I've snagged you a 30 day trial for $1

vidIQ is the tool for creators who want to grow FAST!

boost your views and subscribers with vidIQ through:

AI Coach for YouTubers

Get personalized insights for your channel and discover new growth strategies with our AI-Powered YouTube coach.

AI Content Generator

Accelerate your YouTube video production with AI-drafted content plans.

AI-Generated Ideas and Titles

Never run out of ideas to keep your content fresh with up to 50 daily video ideas delivered to you.

Higher Search Rankings

Know exactly what the YouTube algorithm wants to see with our in-depth keyword engine tool.

Trend and Competitor Alerts

See what your competition is up to, and what you should be doing next to stay ahead.


I use vidIQ a LOT more than you realize

I started testing helper tools early on in the growth of Channel Makers, and found that it won in almost every comparison I ran it through.

Since then it's only gotten better, and now I rarely ever use YouTube now without using at least one of vidIQ's features daily. I think you'll find it super useful also!

Personalized ideas to fuel your growth
delivered to you daily

Multiply your efforts

With trending topics and video suggestions

Predict the Future

See the forecasted performance of each idea with View Prediction

Save hours of research

Your talent fused with our A.I. coaching boosts your results

Join the 2M+ creators on the fast-track to monetization

Reaching monetization was a game changer! I achieved my ultimate goal of becoming a full-time YouTube creator!



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How does vidIQ help me grow my views and subscribers?

vidIQ combines the power of both data and artificial intelligence to provide you with an in-depth YouTube dashboard that has various tools/weapons that are designed to boost your YouTube channel growth. Our AI adapts to your channel and continues to provide you with data-driven insights based around your unique content strategy.

Is vidIQ legit?

We have been helping creators dominate the YouTube algorithm since 2011. Since then - we have grown our own vidIQ community to 2M+ creators and our YouTube channel to 1.1M+ subscribers. With awesome partners like Mark Cuban, Think Media, Evan Carmichael, etc. - our team has the top industry experts that have helped us sculpt a YouTube game-changer.

Will I get more views and subscribers?

Just like anything great in life - we can’t guarantee that you’ll see results from just installing the vidIQ extension. However - vidIQ guarantees that it’ll give you a competitive advantage in succeeding on your YouTube journey. In comparison - trying to grow a channel without vidIQ is like trying to build a house without power tools.

Can I really make a living from YouTube?

YouTube was rated the #1 platform for making a living online in 2022. Additionally - a new study by Oxford revealed that YouTube managed to contribute a staggering $25 billion in terms of revenue generated for the US economy in 2021 - the equivalent to 425,000 jobs for Americans working full time.

Can I cancel at any time?

You can cancel your subscription at any time with no questions asked.