Why Do Thousands of Gaming Channels Fail on YouTube?

Gaming is a competitive YouTube niche, but it’s also popular with viewers. So why do gamers struggle to grow on YouTube?

One of the most popular channels to start on YouTube is a gaming channel, and it’s not hard to see why. In 2020, viewers watched 100 billion hours of gaming content. Titles like Roblox, Minecraft, and Fortnite entertained viewers worldwide and continue to make the genre popular.

But if gaming is in-demand, why do some gamers fail on YouTube? And more importantly, what should you do if you fall into that category?

Instead of talking about views and subscribers, we’ll share a different perspective. Today, we’ll address the hidden, unexpected reasons your gaming channel isn’t growing.

1. Treating Your Gaming Channel Like a Hobby

If your gaming channel isn’t growing as quickly as you’d like, reflect on the mindset you bring to content creation. Do you think of gaming as a hobby, or are you treating YouTube like the business it is? Because once you reach a certain level of success, you can earn a full-time income.

Gamers who do well on YouTube accept this fact early on. They treat their channel like a business so that one day, it will actually become one. They get serious about posting schedules, sticking to their niche, and testing content to see what performs best.

2. Not Improving Your YouTube Skills

One mistake gamers make is thinking they can grow their channel by buying equipment. They’ll spend thousands of dollars on a gaming computer, microphone, top-of-the-line camera, or fancy lighting.

But all along, they forgot to develop fundamental YouTube skills:

These skills will take you far on YouTube – not your gaming setup. So if your channel seems to be suffering, spend a little time sharpening your YouTube skills.

3. Making Videos 24/7

Before starting a gaming channel, you probably played video games for fun. Those were simpler times, where instead of making content about a game, you used the game to unwind after a long day.

Does that change when you're playing for an audience? It just might.

Instead of immersing yourself in the experience, you now have YouTube on the brain. And when you finally decide to play a game for fun – no streaming or uploading – a tiny voice whispers, But wouldn’t this make great content?

In reality, turning every session into a video leads to burnout. You’ll have no choice but to take extended breaks from YouTube and risk the growth of your channel.

That’s why pacing yourself is so important as a gamer. Here are some tips to do it the right way:

  • Play just one game on your channel, and save the others for when you want to relax or unwind.
  • Decide when you’ll make YouTube content and when you’ll play games for fun.
  • Plan regular breaks to avoid burnout.

To sum it all up, your gaming channel will thrive if you treat it like a business, become an expert at content creation, and work smarter instead of harder.

You can learn more by watching the video below:

Want to grow your gaming channel in 2022?

This one mistake ruins your chances, so avoid it at all costs.