YouTube Can Be Lonely so Join the VidIQ Discord Community Today!

Being a YouTuber can often be lonely - so join vidIQ's new Discord community and find tips, tricks, friends, collaborators, and the latest advice on how to be a better creator.

Being a YouTuber is one of the most creatively fulfilling and rewarding experiences imaginable. Where else but YouTube can you have full creative control and share your imagination, talent, and point of view with nearly the entire world?

But being a creator can be kind of lonely sometimes too, especially when most of your friends and family aren’t YouTubers themselves.

I’m sure you can relate to this: You’re working hard to record and edit footage, select tags, design a thumbnail and all the other many things it takes to get a video ready for upload. You have a couple of different ideas for a title. You don’t know for sure which one is better. You wish you could ask someone, and not just your mother who thinks everything you do is great (thanks, Mom), but someone who actually GETS this whole YouTube thing.

Or what about times when YouTube throws another curve ball? Like the recent COPPA issue. When this happens, it’s natural to wish you had a whole crew of like-minded creators to discuss your concerns and talk through strategies for coping.

vidIQ Discord: YOUR Community

Fortunately, there’s a pretty cool place to do just that, and more. It’s the VidIQ Discord, and it’s for creators just like you who want to be a part of a positive, helpful community of YouTubers who want to see growth and meanwhile help their fellow community members grow, too.

Here’s the invite link, and you don’t even have to get VidIQ yet to join and start immersing yourself in the YouTube community:

Here’s a few examples of the coolest ways YouTubers use the VidIQ Discord:

Get channel feedback from like-minded creators.

  • Did you make a new channel banner?
  • Post a picture of it and a picture of your old one and get input on which one your fellow creators think will get you more subscribers.

Share insights about new and upcoming YouTube trends and features.

  • Weird new button in Creator Studio? Let’s all discuss!

Make friends with other YouTube creators all over the world!

  • Propose collaborations, commiserate over lessons learned the hard way, and most importantly, celebrate all victories big and small together with people who understand how much work it takes.

P.S!!!! One lucky Discord member will get 3 months of VidIQ Boost for FREE, valued at $147! Pretty much all you have to do is join the Discord, have a VidIQ account, and use the entry form linked inside Discord to enter. Check out the “Announcements Channel” to see the entry form. The winner will be selected March 2, 2020, so hurry up and get in here!

Here’s the Discord link again, so you can find your YouTube peeps, and while you’re at it, enter to win those sweet, sweet THREE free months of VidIQ Boost: vidIQ Discord

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