7 Reasons To Become An Affiliate

If you love vidIQ and want to make some extra cash though letting others know about us, then consider becoming an affiliate.

Affiliate Levels:

  1. Associate 0-10 Sales 15%
  2. Influencer 11-50 Sales 20%
  3. Ambassador 51+ Sales 25%

Please review our Affiliate Program Terms before signing up for the affiliate program.

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1. Make Passive Income from Software You Used to Grow Your YouTube Channel

Xếp Hạng

Điểm số vidIQ giúp bạn phán đoán khả năng một video sẽ được đề xuất trong Video Liên Quan, Tìm Kiếm, và Video được Đề Xuất.

Khám Phá

Thành công trên YouTube còn ngoài chuyện lượt xem - Vision - Tầm Nhìn giúp bạn tập trung vào các số liệu mới là quan trọng.

Tối Ưu

Sử dụng những thứ bạn học được để đưa ra các quyết định tốt hơn cho nội dung của chính bạn.

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2. Your Own vidIQ Custom URL

As more people sign up for vidIQ through your affiliate program you will gain more free perks from us that include expert one-on-one consultation for your YouTube channel. In addition, Influencer & Ambassador affiliates get their very own unique custom vidIQ URL!

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3. Get vidIQ Boost - For Free!

Influencer & Ambassador affiliates get free access to our top tier vidIQ Boost package. Boost will let you optimize up to 5 YouTube Channels at a time, track up to 20 of your competitors, and give you exclusive access to dedicated SEO analytics along with a range of other exclusive features.

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4. Ambassador Affiliates Qualify for a Potential Collab with the vidIQ Team

Imagine guest hosting on the vidIQ YouTube Channel which has over 340 thousand subscribers! Ambassador affiliates qualify for a potential collab with the vidIQ YouTube team to bring you maximum exposure for your own Channel.

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5. Appear on our TubeTalk Podcast!

A selection of Ambassador affiliates will feature on our groundbreaking TubeTalk podcast - the podcast the industry listens to. Each week, we take a deep-dive into a topic that's setting the online video space alight, whether that's the latest feature from the major video platforms, or tips and tricks around building your YouTube Channel.

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6. Land a Guest Post on vidIQ's Blog

Ambassador affiliates qualify to guest write or appear in a guest post on vidIQ's awesome blog. The content team will work with you to create a fully-optimized blog post around an industry topic, a case-study, a video marketing tip, or a thought-leadership piece. We'll share your post across our social feeds so you get the maximum exposure!

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7. Beta Access to New vidIQ Features

Our state-of-the-art vidIQ development team are constantly working on new features that push our Chrome Extension and app ahead of the pack. Ambassador affiliates get a peek at the groundbreaking advances in our technology care of exclusive beta access.

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