How to Take Your Brand Beyond YouTube and Build a Successful Business

If you want to grow your brand beyond YouTube, this episode of TubeTalk is for you. You'll learn the importance of genuine community growth, how to build a team, and where the best product ideas come from.
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On YouTube, we tend to focus on getting as many subscribers as possible. But when you finally gain a large following, what should you do next?

In today's episode, I chat with fitness instructor Cassey Ho about her brand Blogilates and how she grew it from a simple YouTube channel to a national business. Her colorful workout equipment is sold in Target stores across the U.S., which is an amazing accomplishment for any creative entrepreneur.

To learn more, Cassey and I chat about how she got started and what inspired her first batch of products.

In this episode, you'll learn:

  • How to create successful products by listening to your community. When customers are demanding specific merchandise, there's a good chance they'll buy it.
  • Tips for building a cohesive team. Growing a brand beyond YouTube takes both skill and passion, two qualities each team member should possess.
  • What it takes to get a physical product in a retail store. It's tough, but you can make it happen with a good agent, a unique product, and a killer pitch.

In the beginning, do your best to build a passionate community on YouTube. As you bond with your supporters, you'll understand their unique challenges and the best ways to help them grow and stay inspired.

Then you can do what Cassey did. One fan at a time, you can take your brand from YouTube to big-box retailers.

“Looking back now, I created a brand that people wanted to be a part of and were proud to represent," Cassey says. "From that moment on, I decided to design other types of products: workout equipment, yoga mats, stationery. Anything to help make fitness more fun and more colorful for my community."

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