How to Start a Gaming Channel on YouTube: Focus on Your Target Audience

YouTube Strategy Tips: If you want to start a gaming channel on YouTube from scratch, you are going to have to find unique content that appeals to a particular audience.

Here's a challenge for you. What is your favorite video game right now? And if you were to start a YouTube channel on it, could you come up with 10 quick video ideas in 5 minutes?

Now this may sound like a tough challenge, so I'm going to challenge myself right now. My favorite video game is Clash Royale. Here are 10 quick video ideas I can come up with off the top of my head:

  1. Five funniest glitches in Clash Royale
  2. The best comebacks you've ever seen in Clash Royale
  3. How to spend your money on the right cards on Clash Royale
  4. What is my favorite card deck?
  5. Best strategies for two-on-two gameplay
  6. Which cards should you be requesting from your clan?
  7. Five new game modes I would love to see in Clash Royale
  8. What should I spend my Clash Royale gems on?
  9. Rare and real Clash Royale merchandise
  10. The top five Clash Royale YouTubers

I bet most of you had no idea what I was talking about, except for two or three people watching this video who have played Clash Royale. And that's the audience you need to appeal to with your gaming content. You want to really focus down and concentrate on a target audience with a specific value proposition that they can relate to.

Who should be watching? Why should they care? We've brought this up many times before. It applies to your video game channels as well.

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