VidCon 2019: 10 Creator Track Sessions You Need to Attend

VidConUS kicks off on the 10th of July 2019! We bring you 10 of the best panels and workshops for the Creator Track that you shouldn't miss if you're serious about YouTube.

VidConUS kicks off on the 10th of July 2019, and it promises to be the most entertaining, informative, and educational yet. We've already given you our pick of the 10 Community Track sessions you shouldn't miss, and now we bring you 10 of the must-attend panels and workshops from the Creator Track.

The vidIQ experts will be out in force (don't forget to check out our booth!) covering a range of topics from ranking in search to creating YouTube custom thumbnails that drive CTR, to understanding video velocity - you won't want to miss those sessions. We've picked out another seven that we feel will be hugely valuable to any creator. Check out the full Creator Track agenda and take a look at our selection below:

10 Creator Track Sessions You Shouldn't Miss: VidConUS 2019

#1 Matching Your Videos with Search: The YouTube Secret Revealed July 12th 11:30am

The man behind vidIQ, CEO Rob Sandie, will discuss the impact that answering the questions that people are asking on YouTube can have on your channel. If you hit the sweet spot it can be a game-changer and drive significant views and subscribers your way. Rob will give you his top secrets for ranking on search so this is one session you'll want to be in the front row for.

__#2 Understand Views Per Hour: Why Velocity Matters July 13th 10am __

Star of vidIQ's YouTube channel, Rob Wilson, takes to the stage to discuss why it REALLY matters how fast you get views and engagement for new videos on YouTube. He's going to take you on a journey about video velocity, and you're going to pick up a ton of actionable takeaways to apply to your YouTube channel that day.

#3 Master Thumbnails Workshop July 13th 11:30am

Jeremy Vest, the Director of Marketing here at vidIQ is one of the biggest experts in the world when it comes to custom thumbnails. In this workshop he's going to share his thumbnail secrets that have helped his clients get billions of views on YouTube! He'll confirm the importance of emotion, branding, and visual storytelling so creators can achieve the highest CTR possible for their content. We're biased, but this session really is a must-attend for all YouTube creators.

#4 Beating the Grind Without Losing Your Mind July 13th 2:30pm

Burnout is a real concern for creators and influencers, but how do you find that work/life balance when you have targets to meet? Drawing from years of work with creators, mental health professionals, & community managers, among others, Kat Lo will discuss the common pitfalls creators face and how to build a realistic strategy for self-care.

__#5 How to Go Viral and Build an Audience July 12th 5:30pm __

Viral YouTuber Ash Blodgett knows the difference between having the next viral hit and building an engaged and dedicated audience. In this session she'll break down the stategies you need to achieve your online video goals.

__#6 Building Strategies for Gaming July 13th 10am __

Gaming content is one of the biggest verticals on YouTube right now which means it's also one of the most crowded and competitive. Alex from LowSpecGamer will walk you through how to build a strategy for growth so you find your niche and find your voice on Gaming YouTube.

__#7 How to Make Money as a Creator and Keep It July 12th 1:00pm __

Devin Weber, VP of Operations at Braille Skateboarding, is an expert at the financial side of being a YouTuber (check out her tax filing tips). In this session, she'll be giving the audience solid-gold tips on subjects such as as taxes, savings, and health insurance, and bringing them up to speed on financial management.

__#8 Growth Hacking with YouTube Studio July 12th 10am __

Trying to grow your YouTube channel but not sure where to start or what to do? The team behind YouTube Studio will be here to teach you how to evaluate your YouTube performance and how to become your own expert growth hacker.

#9 Analytics with MatPat and Steph July 11th 5:30pm

The awesome Matt and Stephanie Patrick always bring incredible value to creators at VidCon, and this session will be no different. They are going to guide you through data analytics and what it means to translate those numbers into actual strategy.

__#10 Be Copy(right) and Maximize Your Content Creation July 11th 4pm __

Copyright issues can be a minefield - both for the creator seeking to use images or music under fair use, and for the licence holders behind that I.P. Join a panel of experts who will take a deep dive into understanding copyright so you can be one step ahead to making a living out of being a full time content creator.

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