3 Insane Lessons We've Learned from 7 Years of VidCon

VidCon 2019 is the biggest online video event to celebrate YouTube, and we've learned 3 invaluable lessons from auditing YouTube channels at the event.

VidCon 2019 is over and it was another spectacular success for the online video community - creators, brands, influencers, publishers, and the community alike. I've been lucky enough to attend VidCon in a professional capacity for the last 7 years and here are 3 insane lessons I've learned from speaking and auditing YouTube channels at the event:

#1 Most Big Creators Make the Same Mistakes as Small Creators

Let's say you have two channels one with 100 subscribers and one with 100,000 subscribers. How is it they can both be bad at titles, thumbnails and still only one does well? (keep reading for the answer).

#2 The Difference Between Most Small Creators and Big Creators is Focus, Consistency and Time

If you don't know what your channels about, how will YouTube know whom to send to your channel and why would someone subscribe?

If you're not uploading every week how will you grow?

And if you have not consistently known whom your viewers are and uploaded every week for years why would you expect to be a big channel?

#3 Creator Mindset is EVERYTHING

Confidence and mindset is the biggest factor in YouTuber & video creator success I've seen over the years. If you believe you will have 1 million subscribers, you're doing the work and putting in the time and nothing can stop you then you might just reach your goal.

If your studying, learning and thinking about what you want to create then you are failing every second your not uploading.

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