Top 15 Halloween Keywords on YouTube

Halloween is just around the corner! Here are the most searched keywords on YouTube around this spooky tentpole event.

Halloween is one of the biggest and most celebrated tentpole events of the year, and thousands of creators have already been publishing content around the topic on YouTube. There are still major opportunities to create videos about the holiday - but what keywords and terms have YouTube users been searching for around this event in the last 30 days? Let's dive in.

Top Halloween Keywords on YouTube

If you plan on a Halloween inspired video then you need to know what keywords YouTube viewers are searching for. You should also know when they are searching for that content so you can maximize your video’s viewing potential. Using the invaluable vidIQ Keyword Tool, we can confirm that the following are the most searched for Halloween keywords and phrases on YouTube right now:

  1. Halloween
  2. Halloween 2019
  3. Halloween party
  4. DIY Halloween
  5. Halloween costumes
  6. Halloween for kids
  7. Spirit Halloween
  8. Halloween ideas
  9. Halloween costume ideas
  10. Halloween videos
  11. Halloween songs
  12. Halloween decorations
  13. DIY Halloween decor
  14. Halloween shopping
  15. DIY Halloween treats

When are Viewers Searching for Halloween Content on YouTube?

YouTube is an extraordinary place to find content on almost any subject under the sun. But interest in that content is often seasonal, especially when it comes to tentpole or holiday events.

Over the past 5 years, according to Google Trends for YouTube, interest from YouTube viewers in Halloween starts to peak around the end of August, and lasts right through to the beginning of November. No big surprises there of course but a good strategy would be to publish 2 to 4 weeks ahead of October 31st to attracts those views and engagements.

Don’t forget that tentpole content is evergreen so if you’ve published any Halloween clips on YouTube in the past, and you believe the videos are still relevant, update your titles and custom thumbnails to see if can leverage the interest in the content that always comes this way this time of year.

Finding Opportunities to Create Halloween Content on YouTube

When viewers are searching for content on YouTube, it’s usually with a question in mind. They want an answer on a particular topic, or will you use a core keyword as a kickoff point for more ideas.

A look at top most searched-for keywords brings up a lot of search intent around costumes for Halloween, so let’s take a deeper dive into what viewers are interested in around this category:

Top 10 Halloween Costume Keywords: YouTube

  1. DIY Halloween costumes
  2. Halloween costumes
  3. Last minute Halloween costumes
  4. Costume ideas
  5. Halloween costume
  6. DIY Halloween
  7. Halloween makeup
  8. DIY Halloween costume
  9. Last minute Halloween costume ideas
  10. Easy Halloween costumes

If you want an idea of the type of Halloween costume ideas that YouTube viewers love, take a look at this upload, published by CloeCouture in October 2016. To date, it has generated over 30M views, and is generating over 2.5K views per hour at time of writing:

Top 10 Halloween Food Keywords on YouTube

Halloween content around party food, snacks, and treats is also a total winner with viewers (and creators) on YouTube. Here are the top keywords in this category:

  1. Halloween food
  2. Halloween recipes
  3. Halloween party
  4. Halloween snacks
  5. DIY Halloween treats
  6. Halloween party food
  7. Halloween treats
  8. Easy Halloween treats
  9. Halloween dessert
  10. Easy Halloween recipes

King of the food channels, Tasty, uploaded this 17:51 minute video a week before Halloween 2018 which attracted 12.3M views. 2 weeks before Halloween 2019, it is generated an amazing 4,000 views per hour.

Top 10 Halloween Makeup Keywords on YouTube

Halloween is perhaps the one time of the year where anyone, young or old, male or female, can go to town with a painted face. Makeup tutorials are big business on YouTube, and those how to’s that focus on Halloween wildly popular. The most searched for keywords are:

  1. Halloween makeup tutorial
  2. Scary makeup
  3. Best Halloween makeup
  4. Halloween makeup ideas
  5. Halloween makeup tutorial 2019
  6. Easy Halloween makeup
  7. Scary Halloween makeup
  8. Special effects makeup
  9. Skull makeup
  10. Halloween makeup tutorials

To prove how evergreen Halloween makeup tutorials are on YouTube, this was was published in October 2017, has garnered nearly 42M views, and is right now generating 4.5K new views per hour:

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