How to Grow Your Roblox Channel on YouTube

Everyone and their dog might be playing Roblox on YouTube, but it's not too late to start your own successful channel about the game.

Given the mass appeal of Roblox, it's no wonder so many YouTubers want to make this content their bread and butter. But how do you grow a Roblox channel, especially when there are already so many YouTubers covering this game? Take a read of the steps you should take, or watch the following video for advice:

How to Grow a Roblox YouTube Channel: Content Ideas

Step one for growing a Roblox channel is to think really hard about your strategy. Sadly, just you alone playing Roblox and uploading that footage to YouTube probably won't cut it if you're just starting out. Instead, you need to be focused on the Roblox community at large, and how you can bring some extra value to it.

This could be a short video about your top five Roblox games, or you could do some in-depth reviews of Roblox games that are currently trending. Better yet, you could review brand new games that nobody's quite discovered yet. Now, these new games might not always trend, but if they do, you'll be one of the first to the party. And it's still a win-win because if they don't trend, you’ll still build some good faith within the community.

The person who made that game is going to be pretty excited that somebody liked it enough to take the time to make some videos around it, and this could be a great way to make some new connections and some new friends, which is always important.

Of course, Roblox also offers a very unique opportunity around how-to videos, because if you know how to create a game in Roblox, then you could create an entire channel around that to benefit others. Just like top Roblox creator KreekCraft has done here:

Once you've determined the type of content you're going to make to help get discovered, it's time to do that general YouTube research. For example, what type of thumbnails generally play well for the Roblox audience? What kind of content is getting views?

As a creator, you'll always need to be on the lookout for specific games and challenges as you look to test different types of content on your channel. This is a natural next step when trying to come up with new ideas.

Learn From (But Don’t Copy) Your Competitors

Because Roblox is a hugely popular game on YouTube, you’re going to have some competition. Step two is to determine who your competitors are and what they’re covering in the world of Roblox right now. Handily, vidIQ’s ‘Competitor Tool’ is a great resource for doing just that.

If you have vidIQ installed, you can find the ‘Competitor’ tool n the left-hand column of YouTube Studio. Once you've chosen your competitors, and I would recommend you choose competitors that are closer to your channel in size, you can determine how their content is doing. You can filter by content that was uploaded within a certain timeframe, and also by view count. Click here for a full tutorial on how to get the most out of our ‘Competitor’ tool.

Double Down on the Roblox Content That’s Actually Working For You

Step three for growing your Roblox channel is going to be to double down on the content that's working and not to be afraid to move on from the content that's not. For a new channel playing something as massive as Roblox, we recommend making 80% of your videos those high-value videos - the how-tos, the reviews, the tutorials - and the other 20% spending time testing out new ideas.

Perhaps those new ideas could include a let's-play of you and your favorite Roblox game, or you could even schedule a Roblox livestream. Whatever the case may be, you should always set aside some time in your upload schedule to test out new ideas, because one of those could really take off for you.

Let's not forget another important aspect to all of this is going to be to keep your eye on the prize. Roblox is by no means a small gaming niche, so if you're going to be playing Roblox on your Roblox channel, it is super critical that you only play Roblox on your Roblox channel. But since Roblox is a game full of games, that shouldn't be too difficult.

We’d also advise that if you have a favorite Roblox game that itself has its own very large community, you can apply all the strategies we've discussed today to that one game as a way to start your channel. This would be a best-case scenario for growing a new Roblox channel if in fact, that game has enough content and a big enough community to keep you busy for a long time.

Then, eventually, as you grow, it will be possible to niche out a little bit and explore different types of Roblox games within the community. Remember, Dead Zone got so big that it eventually spun off into its own standalone game. And their community has gotten so active that they're creating mods and maps and all kinds of stuff and sharing it with one another.

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