10 Small YouTube Channels that Hit 1,000 Subs FAST [August]

Which small YouTube channels grew the fastest in August? Get to know 10 rising creators who make videos about movies, gaming, fitness, and more.

Woohoo! 🎉 Let's give a high-five to 10 creators who skyrocketed to 1,000 subs in just a month! From gaming to movies to random street interviews, these channels are crushing it and racking up subscribers like nobody's business.

If you're part of our tribe — using vidIQ tools to level up your YouTube game — this celebration is all about you. Ready to see who's leading the pack? Here are last month's YouTube all-stars! 🌟

Top Channels Passing 1,000 Subscribers in the Last 30 Days

1. Maha Devaya

Maha Devaya shares motivational quotes, speeches, and stories.

  • Subscribers in July: 4
  • Subscribers in August: 68,800
  • Current subscribers: 68,800

Most-viewed video:

2. Pyramid Cameraman

Pyramid Cameraman makes analysis videos about the many secrets and Easter eggs in Skibidi Toilet, an animated series.

  • Subscribers in July: 1
  • Subscribers in August: 16,100
  • Current subscribers: 16,300

Most-viewed video:

3. Counting Kingdom

Counting Kingdom explores the world of numbers while teaching children how to count.

  • Subscribers in July: 1
  • Subscribers in August: 15,100
  • Current subscribers: 15,800

Most-viewed video:

4. The Ecclesia

The Ecclesia is a faith-based channel that makes uplifting, motivational videos.

  • Subscribers in July: 1
  • Subscribers in August: 11,800
  • Current subscribers: 13,300

Most-viewed video:

5. Gs Facts

Gs Facts makes interesting "did you know" videos that tend to go viral!

  • Subscribers in July: 51
  • Subscribers in August: 564,000
  • Current subscribers: 599,000

Most-viewed video:

6. KarmaaZX

KarmaaZX summarizes popular movies and TV series.

  • Subscribers in July: 1
  • Subscribers in August: 10,800
  • Current subscribers: 14,700

Most-viewed video:

7. tog’a va jiyan

tog’a va jiyan interviews strangers on the street about various topics!

  • Subscribers in July: 1
  • Subscribers in August: 9,740
  • Current subscribers: 10,000

Most-viewed video:

8. 海外ジャパン【海外の反応】(Overseas Japan)

Overseas Japan educates viewers about interesting events, news, and people in Japan.

  • Subscribers in July: 3
  • Subscribers in August: 28,100
  • Current subscribers: 29,100

Most-viewed video:

9. Top Saúde e Fitness (Top Health and Fitness)

Top Health and Fitness makes videos about healthy living, from disease prevention to exercise to proper nutrition.

  • Subscribers in July: 1
  • Subscribers in August: 7,400
  • Current subscribers: 7,900

Most-viewed video:

10. Roca del Estoicismo (Rock of Stoicism)

Rock of Stoicism teaches viewers how to apply the wisdom of Stoic philosophy in their daily lives.

  • Subscribers in July: 2
  • Subscribers in August: 10,800
  • Current subscribers: 11,200

Most-viewed video:

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