40 Awesome YouTube Channel Ideas (Without Showing Your Face)

Don't want to show your face on YouTube? No problem. These faceless YouTube channel ideas will help you stay anonymous while building a strong community.

Can you make a YouTube channel without showing your face?

In 2024, the answer is yes — 100%.

But we'll be honest: Starting a faceless YouTube channel is no easier than starting one where everybody knows your name. To make up for the lack of face time, you'll need more visual elements, such as stock videos, images, graphics, and text. So in the long run, you'll spend more time editing than other creators.

But making faceless content comes with many advantages, such as:

  • Protecting your privacy on social media
  • Keeping your employer from knowing you have a channel
  • Shielding yourself from unwanted opinions (family and friends)
  • Having a comfortable experience on YouTube

Ready to get started? Here are the best faceless YouTube channel ideas.

1. Study With Me Sessions

Are you in college or high school? If so, this may be the perfect idea for your YouTube channel. "Study With Me" videos create a virtual library atmosphere, where high levels of productivity meet unwavering concentration. So, crack open your textbooks, point the camera away from yourself, and get to studying! And if you need some inspiration, check out Merve's channel.

2. Interesting Facts

Have you ever wondered why flamingos are pink or how many times a bee flaps its wings per second? Chances are, someone else is thinking the exact same thing. Well, this is your sign to create a channel dedicated to interesting facts! They'll be the star of the show while you remain 100% anonymous. Bright Side is a good example, as the channel is faceless but has thousands of facts to share.

3. Quizzes and Games

Who says you can't create your own game show on YouTube? If your friends call you the trivia king or queen, put your knowledge to the test by creating games and quizzes in video format. These channels throw down the gauntlet on topics from pop culture to physics, and you won't see the quizmaster — just the challenge they've set. By the way, Quiz Kingdom is a great example to follow!

4. Magic Tricks and Illusions

You might not have the face of a magician, but then again, you don't exactly need one. Plenty of YouTubers are performing magic tricks with just their hands showing, and you can follow their lead to grow your YouTube channel. Check out this card illusion from MLT Magic Tricks.

5. Gardening and Plant Care

Imagine starting a plant care channel using your backyard, patio, or the space beside your kitchen window. You wouldn't have to show your face, especially when filming educational videos. For example, The Green Earth has a viral video exposing indoor plants that grow in just water (no soil required). It's greenery galore without a gardener in sight!

6. Silent Vlogs (Day in the Life Without Talking)

If silence is golden, then silent vlogs are pure treasure on YouTube. These videos strip away the chatter, letting the visuals do all the talking. It's life, unscripted and unspoken, and sometimes that says more than words ever could. For a little inspiration, check out thisisMy's.

7. Puppet Shows and Performances

With this channel idea, puppets have the full stage. If you're crafty and creative, this type of content is a great way to grow on YouTube while staying out of the spotlight. There aren't many puppet channels on YouTube, either, so you won't face overwhelming competition. Check out nanalan' official to see how it's done!

8. Remote Control Vehicles and Competitions

This YouTube idea offers the thrill of racing without having to drive (or crash) a real car. It's all about the machines and their maneuvers, so you can definitely show that without appearing on camera. For example, Manish Kingdom is one channel cashing in on this easy idea!

9. Pet Vlogs

Who's really the boss at home? Pet vlogs are a great way to showcase the daily drama and delights of our animal overlords. After all, it's a pet's world — we're just living in it (and filming it). There's no better example of this than Zeusy The Talking Pitty.

10. Wildlife Watching

If you a wildlife enthusiast, you're fortunate in that you'll never have to appear on camera. You can go bird watching, whale watching, or any type of watching for that matter — and let the animals steal the show. Check out
DolphinDroneDom to see how majestic this channel idea can be!

11. Travel Guides

You don't have to go to Europe, Asia, Africa, or any other continent to show the world around you. Plenty of faceless channels are using stock footage and imagery to show the most exciting cities on Earth! Best of all, these videos get massive buzz. Touropia snagged 8.7 millions views with their viral guide, "25 Most Beautiful Destinations in Europe."

12. Book Summaries

Do you love reading books? Have you always believed that animated videos are the coolest? If so, it's time to start your faceless channel and make "book summaries" the sole focus! Many people don't have time to read a full book, so you'll help them out by summarizing the main takeaways. That's how Escaping Ordinary got 14 million views with a summary of Atomic Habits by James Clear.

13. Science Experiments

A science experiment is the perfect activity for starting a faceless YouTube channel. After all, people come to see a shocking treat, and not necessarily the creator performing them. So, no worries here: You can keep the camera on your hands and rake in millions of YouTube views. Check out this video by Fun Science, which got 26 million views showing a compilation of experiments!

14. Animated Storytimes

Telling a personal story is one of the best ways to connect with viewers around the world. And, you don't have to be on camera to do it! Many creators take the comic book or cartoon approach, sketching out their story so it's visually compelling. Swoozie is the king of animated storytimes, and he pulls in millions of views with each upload!

15. Tech Reviews

Tech reviews are popular on YouTube, but it's also an oversaturated niche with lots of competition. And guess what? Most techies on YouTube show their face. But you can stand out by focusing on the product you're reviewing and having sharp, insightful narration! If you need inspiration, check out Flossy Carter.

16. Puzzle Solutions

Some people are solving the hardest puzzles on Earth without ever showing their faces. Puzzle Guy is one of those fascinating creators. This channel has over a billion views, so don't underestimate the joy of solving a good puzzle!

17. DIY Crafts

Some channels have no faces or human dialogue, like Kuti Bari. This DIY creator (do it yourself) shows viewers how to craft cool things without necessarily explaining how to do it. Nonetheless, people still love the content! Check out the video below, which earned 5.3 million views for turning a Coke bottle into a table lamp!

18. Finance and Investing Tips

If you understand money on an academic level, try explaining it to millions of viewers on a faceless channel! Finance has been popular on YouTube for years, so why not snag some of those views for yourself? Creators like The Swedish Investor are practically going viral with each video. The one below explains the psychology of money, and it has 3.5 million views!

19. Virtual Dog TV (Relaxing)

Do dogs watch TV? Some creators are proving that they do. Several YouTube channels are producing TV shows for dogs, which includes scenic nature, animals grazing, other dogs playing, and calming music. With this type of channel, you can go faceless for as long as you wish; Relax My Dog surely has!

20. Satisfying Cleaning

Cleaning videos are popular on YouTube, especially the satisfying ones. So break out the heavy cleaning agents, scrubbers, and rubber gloves because this channel idea is 100% faceless!

21. Scary Stories/True Crime

Is Halloween your favorite time of the year? Do you live for mysteries, suspense, and jump scares in movies?

Maybe it's time to start a horror channel on YouTube. Your videos don't have to be bone-chillingly scary, but a healthy dose of suspense will bring viewers to your channel.

And if you want to flex your creativity, horror content is the perfect playground. Some channels mix animation, true crime, and narration to tell the creepiest, most entertaining stories on YouTube.

Here's one example from IMR Scary Tales: "3 True McDonald's Horror Stories Animated."

22. Top 10 Ranking Videos

Do you like to research any and everything in your free time? If so, that's a skill you can quickly bring to YouTube. Depending on what you're interested in, you could spend your days ranking the top 10 movies, vacation spots, pizza restaurants, and more. But instead of showing your face, you'll fill in the visual gaps with images, graphics, and voice-over.

And course, we have a great example. Check out this video from HelloGreedo ranking Star Wars movies from worst to best.

23. Poetry and Spoken Word

Many poets recite their work on-stage in front of a live audience. But with the freedom YouTube provides, there are plenty of ways to share the same performance without ever showing your face.

For example, take a look at RedFrost Motivation. This channel re-enacts popular poems using dramatic B-roll, captions, and voice-over. You can't see the speaker or their body language, but the emotions are just as real on this channel. Here's their rendition of Robert Frost's poem, Acquainted with the Night.

24. Documentary

Making documentaries is one of the easiest ways to avoid showing your face on YouTube. Instead of focusing on yourself, you'll hold a lens to everything else happening in the world. What's going on with climate change? Why do Americans travel to only a few states? Will physical money disappear one day?

One such example is Future Unity. Armed with B-roll and voice-over, this channel tackles big questions without ever showing the creator's face. The content is based on both facts and rumors, which shows just how far you can take a documentary-style approach.

25. Movie and TV Reviews

If you consider yourself a movie critic, we have great news for you.

You don't have to show your face to become a respected reviewer!

It's true. Channels like Steve Reviews have over 500,000 subscribers, and they don't reveal themselves at all. Instead, they share unique commentary and movie clips to keep things interesting.

Want an example? Watch this video where Steve Reviews reacts to viewers not liking The Super Mario Bros Movie.

26. Early Childhood Education

"Made for kids" content is popular on YouTube because anyone can do it without being on camera. You can teach toddlers how to sing their ABCs, recognize shapes, count to 10, and much more. You'll charm kids and their parents with fun animations and up-beat music — not your face!

If you need an example, watch this counting video from The Singing Walrus.

27. Cooking (with Only Hands Showing)

There's been a rise in faceless cooking channels in the past few years. Instead of telling viewers how to cook something, these peaceful creators opt to show them instead.

Our best example comes from Nino's Home, an ASMR cooking channel that adds recipe instructions in the caption area. Check out this video where they quietly sizzle fried chicken.

28. Stock Footage and B-Roll

Who doesn't love drone footage of a rolling countryside or a sprawling cityscape? If you're good with aerial cameras, this might be the faceless YouTube niche for you!

It may come as a shock, but stock footage channels are getting decent views. In fact, this video of Los Angeles from 21Aerials Stock Video Footage has over 100,000 views.

29. Sports Analysis

"Sports talk" usually happens under studio lights at a camera-centric network, such as ESPN. But you don't have to follow the same path on YouTube. Anything's possible with a little B-roll and voice-over, so don't think you have to dress up like analyst Shannon Sharpe on SportsCenter.

When it comes to sports analysis, Total Running Productions is one of the best channels to learn from. This creator makes videos about fast times and world records without ever showing their face.

Check out this video where they break down one of the fastest top-end speeds ever recorded.

30. Nursery Rhymes

Nursery rhymes are all the rage on YouTube, and that's not changing anytime soon. If you have a lovely singing voice (and maybe a friend that's good at animation), you can definitely launch a faceless YouTube channel for baby songs.

Cocomelon is the standout channel in this niche. Watch their most popular video about taking a bath.

31. ASMR

ASMR stands for autonomous sensory meridian response. That's a fancy way of describing the tingling sensation on your scalp when you hear soothing sounds. And yes, entire YouTube channels are dedicated to that joyous feeling.

Some ASMR channels soothe viewers with gentle whispers. Others mimic familiar sounds we find relaxing: raindrops, rustling trees, pages turning in a book. It's an auditory experience, so no one's expecting to see your face — much like this waterfall video from Relaxing White Noise.

32. Product Unboxings

Unboxing videos are super chill, and they typically don't come with a product review. Instead, the creator opens the product's packaging for the first time to reveal what's inside — sometimes without saying a word.

For example, check out the iPhone unboxing video below (it's ASMR).

For both video types, the product is the star of the show. That means you can test the latest iPhone or unbox a waffle iron without people needing to know who you are. You'll show your hands holding the product more than anything else.

33. Time-Lapse

Have you ever watched a video where the morning sky turns to night in mere seconds? What you witnessed at that moment was a time-lapse. You saw the scene move impossibly fast, but in reality, many images appeared in rapid succession to create the illusion of warped time.

Here's a fun example where a colony of ants spend 41 days eating half a marshmallow.

But that's just one way to get the job done. These days, you can make time-lapse videos on an iPhone or with different Android mobile apps — all without showing your face.

34. Guided Meditation

Meditating alone is difficult for some people. That's why beginners seek guided meditations on YouTube, especially those led by soft-toned instructors.

Does that sound like something you could do? The good news is that starting a meditation channel is less competitive than starting one about gaming or music. If you have a relaxing voice and thoughtful instruction, we'd say you have a fighting chance!

Here's one example from the Great Meditation channel.

35. General Animation/Illustration

Becoming a faceless YouTuber is easy if you have animation skills. You can make 2D, 3D, or stop motion videos without ever appearing on-screen.

For example, take a look at this video from 3D artist Jake Fellman. He often uses trending topics in pop culture (in this case, the video game Among Us) to make animated videos for billions of viewers.

You can also create whiteboard animations on YouTube. For this type of video, viewers see a collection of hand-drawn images (on a digital whiteboard) that combine to tell one story — and viewers love it.

But if you aren't the best artist, you can use a service like VideoScribe to bring your whiteboard animations to life.

36. Reaction Videos (Audio Only)

We're sure you've seen videos where someone reacts to a trending event on-camera, gasping at the "wow" moments and laughing at the "oops" ones. If that's not your speed, don't worry; there are other ways to make reaction videos on YouTube.

If you don't want to show your face, you can do a speaking reaction instead. Start by screen recording the original video, then share your opinion via voice-over as you watch the video.

37. Gaming

Of all the faceless content out there, the stuff we've seen on gaming channels is some of the best.

The focus of a gaming video is never the person playing the game, so it's easy to make content without revealing your identity. All you have to do is screen record your gameplay, add some voice-over, then bam — it's a YouTube video. You can make gaming tutorials, build a compilation of your fails/wins, or walk viewers through different missions.

Need an example? Watch this hilarious video from Let's Game It Out about the video game WorldBox.

38. Relaxing Music

This one's for all the musicians out there. If you make relaxing music, such as ambient or lo-fi, viewers are practically waiting for you to make a YouTube channel. Life gets busy, and we all need music for quiet moments, like hiking, studying, and meditating.

Lofi Girl (formerly Chilled Cow) has been that musical source for years. Check out their continuous stream of relaxing music below. No faces, of course!

39. Explainer/Commentary/Motivational Videos

Guess what? You don't have to turn on the camera to share your point of view. If you're willing to use other elements in your video – voice-over, graphics, stock footage — you can do impressive things on YouTube.

That's how Alux.com makes videos, and they've got more than 4 million subscribers. We've never seen a face on their channel, but a female narrator talks about wealth and finance in each video.

For example, check out the video, "100 Words Rich People Use."

40. Tutorials

If you have a useful skill, why not start a faceless how-to channel? There are countless ideas to try, but you might enjoy some of these:

  • Nail art tutorials
  • Cooking tutorials
  • How to draw videos
  • Software tutorials
  • Guided Lego builds
  • Crafting tutorials
  • Phone repair videos
  • Painting videos
  • Language learning

Remember, these are broad ideas for starting a YouTube channel. You'll probably have to mold them into something that feels more like "you" and the content you're planning.

But automating your YouTube channel is one way to make the journey smooth. Here's how!