From the vidIQ Archives | AOL Case Study

Q: How do you optimize a huge video archive without millions of man-hours? A: Call vidIQ.

Today we’re pulling out an old case study to provide insight on that all-too-common problem – scalable YouTube video optimization.

Media giant AOL migrates videos to YouTube. We handle the heavy lifting. We provide scalable YouTube optimization for AOL’s large content archive, while centralizing their video marketing workflow into a secure, single-touch suite of software tools that can be accessed by anyone on their video team.

Organic YouTube Marketing & SEO Expertise From the vidIQ Archives | AOL Case Study


The client is AOL, a multinational mass media corporation that develops, grows, and invests in brands and websites. AOL is a major original content creator on YouTube, with millions of viewers across their series of channels.


Having moved from a proprietary CMS to YouTube, AOL has too much video content to optimize or maintain manually. They need a simple video marketing software solution that…

Minimizes time investment for managing brand channels, optimizing new videos, and publishing across multiple media platforms. Provides clear, actionable YouTube viewer data and insights. Keeps content and data secure.


We leverage vidIQ’s YouTube SEO tool to add optimal tags to AOL’s existing videos and to optimize their video marketing content on an ongoing basis.

Additionally, the insights provided by our social media tracking and YouTube community metrics allow AOL to discover how their users are engaging with content.

Finally, AOL team members can create vidIQ accounts with tiered permissions to upload, optimize, and publish video content across all their media platforms simultaneously.


Week-over-week, they observe a 10% increase in video views. 30,000+ Twitter conversations discovered about their YouTube videos. Central marketing hub promotes collaboration and reduces the personnel cost of YouTube channel management. Services Used vidIQ Pro + vidIQ HootSuite App

Client Testimonial

vidIQ tackles YouTube SEO head-on with Tag Recommendations, a crucial tool for the growth of AOL’s diverse brand channels.

– Paul Cooney, AOL’s YouTube Partnership Manager