Top 10 YouTube Christmas Keywords 2015

Christmas is a global tentpole event for YouTube, and we’ve prepared the top 10 keywords for Christmas this year

Top YouTube Christmas opportunities

After installing our Chrome Extension make sure to do the following searches on YouTube to further enhance your keyword strategy for Title, Descriptions, and Tags. We’ve included a few notes on all the top keywords:

  • Christmas Tree – “BIGGEST CHRISTMAS TREE FAIL” is the top title. Lots of fails are going on in Christmas Tree search term.
  • vlogmas – “FINDING THE PERFECT CHRISTMAS TREE | VLOGMAS” is the top title. Everyone is putting them at end of christmas vlogs
  • Santa Claus “FASCINATING Facts You Didn’t Know About Santa Claus!” is one of the top trending videos. Evergreen.
  • Christmas “7 Weirdest Christmas Facts” is #3 title
  • Christmas 2015 “What I Got For Christmas 2015 + Giveaway!” is #2 title
  • Santa “Adults Sit On Santa’s Lap For The First Time” is #2 title
  • Christmas music – “1 Hour – Christmas Music Collection Mix”
  • xmas “Santa’s XMAS Caper – Steam Train” – great use of XMAS in thumbnails
  • happy holidays HappyHolidays by Boston Dynamics ranking #3 – showing us great content with merged titles can rank
  • holidays – “Types of People During the Holidays by IISuperwomanII” is top trending video.. very creative

Merry Christmas “Merry Christmas from Bdubs!” showing simple titles are working here Hopefully, this helps your Christmas efforts. Have a Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays from everyone here at vidIQ!