How to Compare YouTube Views with Any Other Video, Channel, or Playlist!

Have you ever wanted to compare a video to any other video, channel, or Playlist on YouTube? Now you can - and it's going to give any video creator a true competitive edge!

Even the most dedicated YouTuber can feel like they are creating content in a vacuum without access to the data that lets them know how their videos are performing. Even if you create the most niche and specialist videos, you'll want to know how they are doing against similar content, so you can improve with every upload.

Luckily, along with a host of other incredible tools, vidIQ has just launched a 'Compare Views' feature to its suite which will enable a creator to compare views against:

  • Your YouTube Channel Average
  • The Last Video You Watched on YouTube
  • Any Video on YouTube
  • Any Channel on YouTube
  • Any YouTube Playlist
  • Your Competitors Average

Yes - at last you can get real-time stats for view comparisons on YouTube for all of the above. Just think what a competitive edge that will give you as a video creator!

Compare Views of YouTube Videos After Uploading

The hours after you publish your video to YouTube are the most important time for any creator. The more velocity your video has in those first minutes and hours, the more chance it has of turning into evergreen content for you. Hey, it might even pick up the pace enough for it turn viral for you!

With our brand new ‘Compare Views’ tool you can track the velocity of ANY video on YouTube and then compare it to ANY video or ANY channel on YouTube. That's going to give you some invaluable insights - whether you're following fellow creators, or keeping a very close eye on a trending topic or news story. Understanding how many views a video is picking up in the first few hours after upload will tell you what the audience appetite is for that content, and how much the YouTube algorithm favors it over similar content.

How to Compare Views for Any YouTube Video

If you pop over to our 'Compare Views' feature page, you'll find out about the different options in the 'Compare Views' tool. But let's try it out on a real video to show you what it can actually do.

Let's take a look at one of the best performing videos that vidIQ has uploaded in the past few months - 'PewDiePie Vs T Series: Who Just Fooled Who?'. This particular video has generated over 815K views to date, but I'm curious to see how it performed against similar content. You can select a timeframe from 0, 1, 2, 3, 7 or 28 days - for this example, as the video was uploaded to YouTube on the 1st April 2019, I'm going to select the 28 day view option.

First, let's see how this one video compares against our YouTube Channel average. As you can see, with 815K views within the first 28 days, it's one of our best performing videos by a mile.

We know our vidIQ YouTube viewers have loved our PewDiePie vs TSeries uploads to YouTube over the past view months because most of these videos have soared past the 500K view mark. I'm interested to see how the video above compares to our most viewed in the series - 'Mr Beast: The Smartest Man on YouTube?'. This particular video has garnered over 1.1M organic views for us did it really perform better than the video we're checking?

Our video actually performed nearly as well as our most viewed video on the PewDiePie shenanigans. Whilst our video generated 555K views in 3 days, the 'Mr Beast' upload was a little more of a slow burner, only overtaking our video in comparable views around the day 25 mark.

OK - so what does that tell us? Well, by the time we published the 'Who Just Fooled Who?' video, we'd already established the vidIQ YouTube channel as an authority on the subject. By putting in the heavy lifting, YouTube rewarded us with visibility for every PDP vs TS video we subsequently published, meaning we gained substantial video velocity in just a matter of hours. Analysing your content this way will provide insights into what's working and you can easily feed that data into your video strategy around a trending topic - just like we did.

While we're on the subject of PewDiePie, let's see how our video channel compares against his in terms of views over the past 28 days:

With 96M subscribers compared to just over 353K for the vidIQ YouTube channel, of course Pewds is going to generate much more views than we are, but it's fun to compare a video view against an entire channel once in a while.

Download the vidIQ Chrome Extension and dive right in to the 'Compare Views' tool and start finding out insights for your own video content. We guarantee that the insights will be informative and fascinating!

Want To Get More YouTube Views & Subscribers?

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