Daily Ideas from vidIQ: More Video Ideas to Spark Your YouTube Success

Now’s your chance to get YouTube ideas from vidIQ. Using the power of artificial intelligence, Daily Ideas will study your channel, suggest new videos to create, and help you succeed on YouTube.


Are you struggling to come up with video ideas for your YouTube channel? After a long day of filming, do you find yourself wondering, What videos should I make next?

Maybe what you need – and what every creator needs – is a little inspiration to create that next viral hit.

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That’s why we’re launching Daily Ideas, the first AI-powered ideation tool for YouTube creators. Seven days a week, it suggests video ideas based on your channel so you can focus on what you love – creating awesome content.

vidIQ’s Daily Ideas: How Our YouTube Ideas Generator Works

Daily Ideas uses machine learning to surface relevant ideas for your channel. Think of it as your AI co-pilot. With zero work on your end, Daily Ideas will study your channel and reveal creative opportunities on YouTube. They’re fully fleshed out to give you a headstart on content creation.

We built this tool for busy creators everywhere. We know you work hard to create videos and that you spend hours researching, filming, and editing. With Daily Ideas, you get a portion of that time back.

You can use those extra minutes to:

  • Create better thumbnails.
  • Engage with viewers.
  • Promote other videos.
  • Rest up, breathe, and have a snack.

It’s up to you.

In the meantime, our AI-powered tool will suggest new video ideas for you, based on your channel niche and what we know will generate views.

Watch the video below to see Daily Ideas in action.

How Daily Ideas Fuels Your YouTube Growth

Daily Ideas is your YouTube creator coach with tons of benefits.

By using the tool, you will ultimately:

  • Never run out of YouTube video ideas. Wake up, open vidIQ, and get new ideas that refresh daily.
  • Spend less time researching. Skip the brainstorming phase so you can film, edit, and upload faster. Let our personalized prompts do the hard part.
  • Predict your next video hit. Use our View Prediction to see your Daily Ideas ranked by view potential: very high, high, medium, or low.
  • Court the best video ideas. It’s like dating. Once you open vidIQ and click Daily Ideas, swipe right to save an idea; swipe left to dismiss it. View your Saved or Dismissed ideas anytime.
  • Get inspired with robust visual cues. Swipe through large, colorful Ideas cards to spark your creativity. Or keep it simple with a traditional list of ideas. No matter what, you’ll get a View Prediction score and the option to save and dismiss ideas.
  • Scope out the competition. Click related videos beneath each idea to see the top-ranked videos for that subject.

What Are YouTube Creators Saying About Daily Ideas?

The verdict is in: Our ideas generator is helping creators do what they do best.

Whether you have…

  • A how-to channel
  • Lifestyle vlogs
  • Reaction videos
  • Or anything else

...you need good video ideas to grow your channel.

Sean Cannell: "Pulls ideas around the topic of your videos."

"This tool can be used on any channel of any size for any video topic, no matter the niche. All that vidIQ needs is for you to upload one video over the last 90 days, and it's going to start pulling ideas around the topic of that video." – Sean Cannell of Think Media, vidIQ creator partner

Jade Darmawangsa: "I was very impressed."

"Daily Ideas just suggested a video called 'Why Your Biggest Competitor Is Not In Your Industry.' Although I might not use that exact framing or title, I like the way they phrase the words. For example, let's say I'm making a video next week about Emma Chamberlain and why she's so successful, and that you shouldn't compare yourself to her. I could use the way this title is framed and say, 'Why Your Biggest Competitor Is Not Emma Chamberlain.' It's a very eye-catching, curious statement that will drive clicks." Jade Darmawangsa, entrepreneur, vidIQ creator partner

Ben Johnson: "Relevant ideas backed by research."

“I am extremely excited about this tool. I’ve been checking it on the regular, always excited to see what my Daily Ideas are. Sometimes I’ll get ideas that I never would have thought of, and the cool thing is that it’s backed by relevant research.” Ben Johnson, photographer, videographer, vidIQ creator partner

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