5 YouTube Algorithm Myths YouTubers NEED to Know With Mark Robertson

Let's BUST some YouTube Algorithm misconceptions!
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There is so much information about YouTube and its algorithms. But what info is correct and what is false?

I speak with Mark Robertson, one of the very first SEO industry leaders to go all-in on digital video and the first to coin the phrase “social video marketing.”

With over 2 decades of experience in digital media, Mark is a pioneer, and a digital marketing expert who really understands that ins and out of the YouTube system.

On today's episode you will learn:

  • Does YouTube prefer longer videos?
  • Does changing the video metadata after a video is published good or bad?
  • Do descriptions, tags, and titles matter, or is YouTube AI smart enough?
  • Do likes, dislikes, and comment help or hinder your video?
  • Should you or should you not link to external websites off YouTube?

If you finally want know what is FACT and what is FICTION and how it impacts your video performance, THIS is the episode for you!

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