How to Win on YouTube with 4th of July Content

4th of July videos are hugely popular on YouTube - here are the top most searched keywords around this major U.S. tentpole event.

The 4th of July is one of the top tentpole events in the US, and like Thanksgiving and Christmas, there are huge opportunities to create content around this national holiday that will appeal to YouTube viewers. But what keywords and terms are YouTube users searching for around this event? Let's take a look.

Top 15 4th of July 2019 Keywords on YouTube

If you plan on creating a 4th of July video then start by understanding what keywords viewers are searching for, and also when they are searching for the content. Knowledge of both will give you a heads up on what and when to publish.

Using vidIQ's incredibly useful Keyword Tool, we can confirm that the following are the most searched for 4th of July keywords and phrases on YouTube right now:

  1. Independence Day
  2. July 4th
  3. Fourth of July
  4. 4th of July fails
  5. 4th of July fireworks
  6. 4th of July video
  7. What is 4th of July
  8. July 4th party
  9. 4th of July holiday
  10. 4th of July diy home decor
  11. 4th of July education
  12. 4th of July facts
  13. 4th of July independence day
  14. 4th of July party
  15. Independence Day 4th July

We also took a look at whether there was a significant difference in the average number of people who searched for either 'Fourth of July' or '4th of July' on YouTube each month. Interestingly, there wasn't a lot in it, so you're safe to use either (or both) in your YouTube titles and descriptions:

  • Fourth of July - 28.3K average monthly searches
  • 4th of July - 26.8K searches average monthly searches

When are Viewers Searching for 4th of July Content on YouTube?

Just as important for any YouTuber creating videos around a tent-pole (and potentially evergreen) event is to know just when viewer interest is peaking. Google Trends for YouTube data for the last 5 years confirms that the holiday trends between 29th June - 5th July so publishing videos this week would give you the best chance of being seen so you can attract those views and subscibers.

Finding Opportunities to Create 4th of July Content on YouTube

Alongside the main keywords being searched for, we took a deeper dive into the food and DIY categories, both of which land themselves very well to content ideas. When it comes to food for the celebration, it's no surprise that snacks, and party food top the list:

Top 10 4th of July Food Keywords: YouTube

  1. Fourth of July snack ideas
  2. Fourth of July food
  3. Party food
  4. Red white and blue
  5. Fourth of July recipes
  6. 4th of July recipes
  7. Fourth of July treats
  8. July 4th recipes
  9. 4th of July dessert
  10. Fourth of July desserts

If you want an idea of the type of 4th of July recipe ideas that YouTube viewers love, take a look at this upload, published by Twisted on July 2nd 2018. To date, it has generated 1.3M views, and still attracts around 150 views per hour:

Top 10 4th of July DIY Keywords: YouTube

4th of July and DIY is also a very popular content theme with 'Dollar Tree' topping the list of keywords associated on YouTube with this tentpole event.

  1. Dollar Tree DIY
  2. Fourth of July DIY
  3. 4th of July decor
  4. 4th of July home decor
  5. 4th of July DIY decor
  6. 4th of July decorations DIY
  7. 4th of July crafts
  8. Dollar Tree July 4th
  9. Decorating for 4th of July
  10. 4th of July centerpiece

An excellent example of a channel that uploaded content that took advantage of the viewer's interest in 4th of July plus DIY'ing the celebrations using Dollar Tree is 'My DIY Home'. It uploaded a video on May 27th 2019 which has already generated a healthy 28.5K views:

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