Top 15 Valentine's Day Keywords on YouTube

Valentine's Day is nearly upon us ❤️ Here are the most searched for keywords on YouTube around this romantic tentpole event.

Valentine's Day is just weeks away and millions of viewers will be turning to YouTube for ideas around dinners, desserts, and decor as well as inspiration for gifts and ways to treat their other half.

Of course, this offers a massive opportunity for creators to publish the exact content viewers will be looking for. Let's take a look at the top keywords and terms around Valentine’s that users on YouTube have been searching for in the past 30 days.

Top Valentine's Day Keywords on YouTube

If your strategy is to upload content about Valentine’s Day then you need to confirm the keywords users are searching for. We did our research using the invaluable vidIQ Keyword Tool, and the following are the most searched for Valentine’s keywords and phrases on YouTube right now:

  1. Valentines Day
  2. Valentine
  3. Valentines Day Ideas
  4. DIY Valentine's Day
  5. Valentines Day Decor
  6. Valentines Day Treats
  7. Valentine's Day Gift Ideas
  8. Valentine's Day Treats 2020
  9. Easy Valentine's Day Cake
  10. DIY Valentine's Day Treats 2020
  11. Valentine's Day Cake
  12. Valentine's Day Party
  13. Valentine's Day Party Games
  14. Valentine Cookie Decorating
  15. DIY Valentine's Day Gifts

When are Viewers Searching for Valentine's Content on YouTube?

Of course, as a creator, you should also know when people are searching for Valentine’s Day content so you can maximize your video’s viewing potential. As with any tentpole or holiday event, interest is often specifically seasonal.

Over the past 5 years, according to Google Trends for YouTube, interest from viewers in Valentine’s Day starts to peak around the end of December and lasts right through to the beginning of March. No breaking news there of course but a great strategy would be to publish 2 to 4 weeks ahead of February 14th to attract those views and engagements.

Don’t forget that tentpole content is evergreen so if you’ve published any Valentine’s Day clips on YouTube in the past, and you believe the videos are still relevant, update your titles and custom thumbnails to see if can leverage the interest in the content that always comes this way this time of year.

Finding Opportunities to Create Valentine's Content on YouTube

When viewers are searching for content on YouTube, it’s usually with a specific topic or question in mind. They want an answer for something they’ve gone searching for, and will use a core keyword as a kickoff point for more ideas.

A look at most-searched-for keywords brings up a lot of search intent around Valentine’s Day decor, so let’s take a deeper dive into what viewers are interested in around this category:

Top 10 Valentine's Day Decor Keywords: YouTube

  1. Valentines Decor
  2. Valentines Day Decor
  3. Valentine's Day Crafts
  4. Valentines Day Decor Ideas
  5. Valentines Day Decorations

If you want an idea of the type of Valentine’s decor inspo that YouTube viewers love, take a look at this upload, published by IDunnGoddess on January 30th 2016. It has generated over 7.8M views to date:

Top 10 Valentine's Day Treats Keywords on YouTube

Valentine’s Day content about gifts and treats is also a total winner with viewers (and creators and publishers) on YouTube. Here are the top keywords in this category:

  1. DIY Valentine's Day Treats
  2. DIY Valentines
  3. DIY Valentines Gift Ideas
  4. DIY Valentine Treats
  5. Valentines Day Treats

MissRemiAshten uploaded this 9:41 minute video a couple of days before Valentine’s Day 2016 which has attracted just under a million views to date:

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