10 Killer Tips To CRUSH LinkedIn Video Marketing Like Gary Vee

Want to crush it with LinkedIn video like Gary Vee? Here are our top 10 tips for getting those killer views and engagements on the platform.

Gary Vaynerchuk (or Gary Vee as he’s known to his army of followers) is one of the most successful and influential entrepreneurs and marketers in the world right now. Video has become an obvious - and lucrative vehicle - to promote both his business and his message, and nowhere is he killing it more than on LinkedIn. Here are my top 10 tips on how to succeed like Gary Vee with LinkedIn video.

10 Killer Tips To CRUSH LinkedIn Video Marketing Like Gary Vee

#1 Be Ruthlessly Consistent

The first tip is to be consistent I don't know anyone on LinkedIn that's more consistent than Gary.

#2 Always Provide Value to the Viewer

No selling no BS and no fluff try to give true value or true entertainment to someone. LinkedIn is about building relationships, not about hard sells, and this is where consistency comes in. The more they see you, and the more value you provide, the more likely they are to trust you and therefore eventually buy from you.

#3 Go Native

The third tip is to upload videos natively to Linkedin. The native LinkedIn uploaded videos always seem to do a lot better for Gary

#4 Use the Hero's Journey

Honestly, a lot of people on LinkedIn are just blowing smoke up your butt by acting like the thought-leaders they aren’t. One of the reasons Gary does so well is he's a human talking to humans - he's not just talking to some business that he wants to score a hundred thousand dollar deal with.

#5 Use a Hook in the First Sentence

Then put that hook or text on the video itself. Gary does an awesome job with this and it really draws in the viewer, so they stop scrolling and watch his video for a second to see if they like it.

#6 Engage with Comments

Answer every comment you can because it's going to help you build an actual community of people that love and trust you.

#7 Go for Quality

Make sure your lighting and audio are pretty good so that people can tolerate watching your video.

#8 Use Closed Captions

Upload an SRT file to your LinkedIn video. By default audio is not turned on so using a closed caption file means people without sound can still read what you're saying.

#9 Use Hashtags as Much as Possible

Hashtags seem to really be trending a lot these days on LinkedIn. And it's a way to get beyond your own audience.

#10 #FameHack

Gary recently had Mark Cuban on one of his videos, and it got a ton of engagement. Invite people on your video that relate to your audience, and when appropriate tagged those people on your LinkedIn posts.

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