10 Awesome Ways to Promote Your YouTube Videos for FREE

You've made a great YouTube video, now you need to share it.

Here are 10 ways to reach the largest audience with the most impact:

  1. Promote in the first 24 hours to get velocity or what we like to call View Per Hour
  2. Share a playlist link, not a video link so that people can watch more of your videos
  3. Share on other social media platforms like Linkedin and Facebook groups
  4. Upload videos to Twitter directly
  5. Upload videos to Facebook directly using our vidIQ tool
  6. Ask your community to share your content
  7. Use your email list to push your YouTube channel
  8. Coloab with other creators
  9. Use the YouTube community tab
  10. Use Incase you missed it posts on social platforms to remind people to watch

Want To Get More YouTube Views?

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