YouTube Brings on the Learning & Fun with its Summer Camp Initiative

After a long few months of lockdown and homeschooling, YouTube wants to bring the excitement back to learning with its new Summer Camp

For all the parents out there, how are your kids holding up? Are they growing restless with all the time spent indoors and need something exciting to do?

If the answer is yes, YouTube hears you, sees you, and wants you to know that help is on the way. To ease the disappointment of a summer indoors, the platform is launching Camp YouTube, a learning program for kids to safely learn, grow, and have fun.

This virtual experience could replace in-person camps that temporarily closed due to the coronavirus. To that end, YouTube will provide a balance of fun content that inspires kids to stay active, as well as educational lessons to help them grow.

The platform will organize these video experiences into four categories: STEM, the arts, sports, and adventure.

Camp YouTube: Lessons In STEM

YouTube’s science, technology, engineering, and mathematics camp is about learning and applying scientific principles. For families with teenagers, the STEM for teens section contains videos on topics like space exploration, how to build a robot, and surprisingly, how to make a lemon battery. These videos come from a range of well-known channels. National Geographic, Seeker, and Adam Savage’s Tested (below) are just a few of the information hubs that will help teens appreciate STEM.

Additionally, Camp YouTube also has STEM content for children under 13. These younger students will learn how to cook up slime, where black holes come from, what happens to the human body in space, and more.

Camp YouTube: Exploring The Arts

YouTube’s art camp is an exciting place for kids to explore their inner creativity. Some of the videos that stand out in the teens section include a creative writing workshop and a 10-day guitar starter course. For the videos catering to kids under 13, there are DIY challenges, lessons on drawing, cooking tutorials, and more.

In this section’s description, YouTube says the arts camp will foster self-expression, and that certainly seems to be the case. If any kid wanted to grow creatively, from a visual or performing arts perspective, this would be the place to do it.

Camp YouTube: Getting Active With Sports

It’s going to get noisy for this virtual Sports Camp, but that’s OK, right? It’s a good idea to move your nice rugs, coffee tables, and lamps out of the way, because here, you can expect everything from running drills to basic soccer moves.

The video content for both age groups is pretty exciting. On the teen side, a baseball history overview and football training tips are just two videos that could potentially hook young viewers. Also, there’s an ultimate kickball lesson that looks like an absolute blast for anyone, kid or adult.

One of the unexpected benefits of the sports camp is that it contains videos on meditation. You can find them in both the teen and under 13 sections, and YouTube did a great thing by adding this wellness content - especially when kids are cooped up inside.

Camp YouTube: Adventuring In Nature

YouTube’s Adventure Camp helps kids appreciate the natural wonders around them, big and small. They’ll learn about what to bring when going on a hiking trip, the fun activities they can do outdoors, nocturnal wildlife, and more.

While the goal of this camp is to bring the outside world inside, kids could take some of these lessons to the backyard too. There are photography adventure videos that kids could repeat in their own neighborhoods, as well as a guide for using binoculars.

Additional Camp YouTube Perks

The STEM, Arts, Sports, and Adventure sections make up the bulk of Camp YouTube, but the program has even more benefits, such as:

  • Frequent content updates
  • Campfire talks on race and discrimination
  • Virtual reality field trips
  • Break time clips that share snack recipes or craft ideas
  • PDF Bingo cards to track participation

Traditional summer camps are risky during a pandemic, but Camp YouTube is a great alternative to explore. It inspires kids to learn new things and get moving physically, which is exactly what summertime is all about.

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