10 Types of YouTube Titles That Go Insanely Viral

Certain types of titles seem to have greater success than others on YouTube. Find out what they are!

It’s no secret that great titles make great videos. In the universe of content on YouTube, captivating titles make your videos stand out from the crowd and draw viewers in, compelling them to click. While most of us might believe that thumbnails weigh much more than titles in lifting the performance of a video, it might not always be the case.

This is exactly what our residential YouTube expert Rob Wilson discussed with another YouTube expert, Jake Thomas, who has helped many creators improve their title games and bring in positive results. With the help of their discussion, we have managed to compile 10 types of YouTube titles that have proven to be very effective over the years and have a positive impact on your click-through rate. Let’s dive right into it!

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1. Contradictory Curiosity

This kind of title plays on contrast and curiosity, making the viewer feel like they are privy to some kind of information that others might not be. The information that the viewer can potentially find through the video seems too lucrative to miss out on.

Example: "The BEST R6 Attacker NOBODY Plays"

“First, there is contrast between best R6 attacker and nobody plays. It’s kinda counter intuitive, why is nobody playing it if it is the best? Also, it’s a cliffhanger. Who is this R6 attacker? So, you’ve gotta click and find out,” Jake says.

2. Tangible Timeframe

Don’t you love it when you come across a video from a creator showing how you can achieve a given goal within a certain period? Timeframes offer a tangible lens through which viewers can gauge the content, making the challenge or experiment feel attainable and relatable.
Example: "We Ran Every Day For 30 Days, Here's What Happened"

3. Insider Authority

To make a claim or establish an opinion, you need to back it up with credible sources. And nothing beats a good source than an authoritative voice whom you could call an “insider.”
Example: "Ex-Employee Warns Us About Taco Bell's Meat"
What helps this title perform is the fact that people have a general suspicion toward the topic in question already, so it is always important to remember the amount of interest viewers might have while considering these types of titles.

4. Using Negativity

As bad as it might sound to some of you, negativity does bring with it a healthy dose of attention. It is nothing new in the content world and creators have been using it since the very beginning. Focusing on drama and negativity, such as devastating losses, capitalizes on viewers’ love and interest for epic narratives.

Example: "Top 10 Most Devastating Wild Card Losses of All-Time"

“People on YouTube love drama! And then you have got the fact that it is really epic and extreme. It’s extremes because it is the most devastating losses,” says Jake.

5. Weight of Regret

Nobody wants to make the same mistakes people made before them. And what’s better than someone telling you what to avoid and how? The fear of regret can be one of the most powerful motivators for many people and curating content around that can bring you much success!
Example: "I wished I knew these BEFORE I upgraded to Windows 11!"

6. Personal Victory

One of the best ways to inspire people is by showing them instead of instructing them. Sharing your accomplishments and documenting the journey can help you make impactful content that can actually change people’s lives for the better.

Example: "I Retired My Mom At 21"
Videos like these can motivate viewers to aspire for the same and change their lives for the better. This is where the value of your content pays off!

7. Cliffhanger Question

The good, old, reliable strategy that seems to work most of the time–simply answer the questions your viewers want answered. Sometimes it’s all about the phrasing. If you can put a creative spin on an inquiry that is already popular, people might flock to it.
Example: "What Happens If You Jump Rope for 30 Minutes Every Day?"
It’s all about finding a new perspective to the same old queries. By posing a question, the title creates a narrative cliffhanger that viewers feel compelled to resolve by watching.

8. Broad Relatability

Whenever you’re in doubt, you can always fall back on being relatable to your audience. At the end of the day, people want to be heard and seen. If you can consistently and reliably address the pain points of your audience, you have yourself a solid content strategy.
Titles that suggest everyday accessibility and relatability increase the likelihood of viewers clicking, and believing the content is directly applicable to them.
Example: "Five Dog Training Exercises You Should Do Every Day At Home"

9. Using Buzzwords

As the culture of YouTube becomes more vast, certain words tend to attract more attention than others. Using terms like “best”, “worst”, or, “viral” taps into the desires and language of the YouTube community, instantly attracting attention. But, with that comes heavy competition for these keywords, which can make life a lot more difficult.
Example: "Testing Viral Minecraft Hacks That 100% Work"
Our AI YouTube Keyword Generator can help you massively with this problem. The tool analyzes monthly search volume, competitiveness, related terms, and additional questions people ask.
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10. The Sensational Promise

What if you could propose an idea that sounds preposterous and actually delivered on it? Well, if nothing else, you’d sure have tons of happy viewers! Offering to deliver on a promise adds an element of sensationalism and intrigue, promising viewers insight into highly coveted knowledge.

Example: "1000 Days of Coding in 10 Minutes ( Self-Taught Developer Journey )"

Irrespective of the niche these examples are used from, the cool thing about understanding this concept is realizing that it can be applied all across YouTube. That’s the skill that would help you utilize those 100 characters to the fullest. The best titles are short and sweet and if used correctly can change the YouTube content creation game for you.

The other important factor that drives clicks to your videos, as mentioned earlier, is thumbnails. Learn how to make thumbnails that work for you right here!